Walgreens Update: Hallmark Deals and Jingle Cash

I just wanted to give you a quick update that it seems the Hallmark register rewards (Jingle Casj) offer has been updated.  It is no longer printing when you buy the wrapping paper or the tissue paper.  I just wanted to show you that this catalina promotion is advertised as including the wrapping paper for the week starting tomorrow 12/12.  The Sneak Peak of the Ad is posted on the Walgreens website and you can see it in page 13.

Also, the Super Jingle cash (Get $5 RR when you spend $25, etc) it is now working when you total hit the amounts AFTER coupons.

I am really bummed about this.  I had problems with my car last night and could not hit my store.  Oh well, you win some and lose some.