The Walking Dead Compendium Books Just $25 Each!

Who’s a Walking Dead fan? I’ve watched it a few times, and it’s really creepy, but it’s great! I’m cheesy like that, and I love me a good Zombie story…

The book’s always better than the movies (or show, in this case), though, and if you’re a hard core Walking Dead fan, you might wanna grab one of these! Right now, you can get The Walking Dead Compendium One or The Walking Dead Compendium Two for just $25 each from a couple different places. These books have excellent reviews from Walking Dead fans, so they might just be worth a look. They’re supposed to be a bit different from the show, but not in a bad way.

The first book contains The Walking Dead comics #1-48, and the second book contains comics #49-96 – all bound together in two neat little big paperback books. You can purchase these books for $25 from Amazon (free shipping with Amazon Prime accounts or on $35+ orders) or Walmart (free site-to-store pickup or free shipping on $50+ orders).

Here are your choices:



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