Walmart: Acer Aspire T4500 for $328

Walmart is offering this Acer 15.6″ Aspire AS5734z-4836 Laptop for $328. It ships free to store too. This deal was available a few days ago and sold out before I had a chance to share it with you. So, hopefully it will last a bit longer this time. This offer is also available at your local store. Although you may want to check the price of it on your ad. I just checked and it seems for Wisconsin due to mark up laws the price offered is $448. Better deal online obviously!

I just recently started using an Acer and let me tell you, these laptops are very light. Almost as light as they come. I have owned a Dell and a Toshiba and the Acer is lighter. I think that would make it a great laptop to log around in a carrier. To find out if this could be the laptop for you, ask yourself what do you want to use your laptop for? Check the specs on this unit and make a decision.