Walmart Deal: Organic Cotton Tops for $5

Advertised in this week’s Walmart sales circular you may find the following steal:  100% Organic cotton tops for the whole family for $5!  This is a screaming deal for organic apparel.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to see this deal.  I have been waiting for it for a full year!  Last year Walmart had organic tops for $10 during the month of April but then I couldn’t find them anymore.  I am glad they are bringing it back this year and I intend to stock up on V necks for this summer.

My family is taking baby steps towards a eco-friendlier existence.  I am sure you have noticed that organic products are NOT cheap.  How ironic huh? we have to pay more to not have anything added to what we consume.  Anyways, so of course I am always on the HUNT for good deals and I have found Susan’s blog “Organic Coupons and Deals” to be of great help.  I would suggest you check her out if you want to save money on organic and natural products.