Walmart Food Haul Vlog

From now through 11/22 Walmart is participating in a in-store food drive.  Local stores have placed collection bins at the front of the store where you can leave your donation of non-perishable food items.  Donations are supporting local food banks.

Walmart challenged me to see how much food I could get with $50.  Of course I was thrilled to take them up on it.  Here is a list of the items they need the most: Canned tuna, Canned chicken, Canned beans (baked, garbanzo, kidney, etc.), Canned nuts, Canned/boxed soup/stew, Canned vegetables, Canned fruits in lite syrup, 100% juice boxes & cans, Canned milk, Evaporated milk, Canned sauce & noodles, Peanut butter & jam and Mayo.

Last night I went shopping.  I got my coupons ready (and they were a LOT).  I also took sales circulars I wanted to have price matched and with my husband as my camera guy I made this video to show you how much food I was able to get:

Please stop by Walmart and make your own contribution to the local food bank. there are a LOT of sales on canned items going on now, so you can stretch your dollar a lot.

Updated to add the match of how much I saved:

Here’s some rough math:

Saved $8 on price matching the Skippy +$8 in coupons
Saved $3.60 price matching campbells soups + $3 in coupons
Saved $0.75 PM the carnation evap milk + $1.50 in coupons
Saved $5.20 PM the del monte canned + $2 in coupons
Saved $4 in quaker oatmeal coupons
saved $4 in Kelloggs fiber plus coupons
Saved $5 in Ragu coupons (got 4 free boxes of pasta)
Saved $2 in dole canned fruit coupons
Saved $2 in muir glen coupons
That’s $31.50 in coupons and $17.55 price matching things for a total of $49.05 saved and $46 spent.

I am a part of the Walmart Moms program, and Walmart has provided me with compensation for these posts. My participation is voluntary and opinions are always my own.

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