Walmart Introduces Pick Up Today

Walmart is introducing a new feature to the way you shop online at  Up until recently you could choose to have items delivered to your home or to save on shipping you could choose in-store pick up.  With the new feature called Pick Up Today you could virtually pick up the item you buy online at your store on the same day.  For orders placed between 6am and 6pm, you can pick up on the same day and with orders placed after 6PM you can pick up by 10am the next day.  Pick up times are from 10am-10pm.  This new feature is in Beta testing and only certain stores have this available.  It is also only available for appliances, electronics and video games.

So, why would you want to check out Pick Up today when you can just go by the store and pick up the item?  Pick Up Today will save you time by making sure the item is in stock at your store and prevent you from a wasted trip.  Plus you are getting the item that you need the same day.

Walmart asked me to check out this new “delivery” feature since the store nearest me is part of the Beta test.  Using the landing page for Pick Up Today was easy.  What took some time was figuring what items where actually available at my store for Pick Up Today.  Not all items are included but they have made it easier to spot them by adding the In My Store Tab:

Plus you will also notice that below “Order Online” the item has “Pick Up Today” as available.  As you can see not all items offered online are available for Pick Up Today.  But I am sure that as they move forward the Beta Test the availability of items will increase.

I ordered my item by 11 AM on Tuesday and received a text from them by 3:20PM the same day that my item was ready for pick up.  I also received an email with a bar code to use for in store pick up.  Pick up at my store was in the same area as photo and where people apply for jobs.  This made it seem like a busy area and not the quick in and out I had expected.  But this store is also pretty busy.

But in conclusion Pick Up Today is convenient for those who need some thing NOW and want to make sure the item is in stock at their store and don’t want to chance it.  Personally I thought it would be great for those days when I run out of ink.  I can order online, quickly go get it when it’s ready and come back to print those hot coupons.  In what kind of situations do you think pick Up Today could be useful to you?

I am a participant in the Walmart Moms program. Participation in this program is voluntary. While I have been commissioned to test and write about this new service, all opinions are 100% my own. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.