Ways to Speak Your Spouse’s Love Language!

It’s the week of love and Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Hopefully you’ve got plans made and you’re ready to spoil your significant other. I also hope you’ve kept in mind your significant others love language, remember we don’t all speak the same love language. So I’ve written out some ways you can express your love, which one will you choose?

Words of Affirmation

    • Hide a love note in your spouses wallet or purse
    • Write i love you on the shower door or wall
    • Tell your spouse how much you appreciate them and all they do (be specific)
    • Write multiple letter to open “when you feel sad” “when you need encouragement” etc
    • Jar filled with fun memories together
    • Book filled with notes from close friends and family

Physical Touch

    • Offer to give them a back rub
    • Hold hands when you go out
    • Put your hand on their leg when you sit together
    • A cute and flirty slap on the butt

Receiving Gifts

    • Deliver a special surprise to work (flowers, lunch, etc)
    • Grab his or her favorite dessert and enjoy it together after dinner
    • Gift them the gift of time to themselves, send them out on a girls or guys night
    • Treasure hunt with a fun “pot of gold” at the end
    • Bring home just because gifts
    • Frame their favorite picture of the two of you

Quality Time

    • Spend time together after the kids go down for bed
    • Plan a date night, arrange to have a sitter
    • Take a drive together
    • Talk about upcoming plans and dreams you both have
    • Go for a walk together
    • Cook something together to enjoy

Acts of Service

    • Make their favorite meal for them
    • Get their car cleaned for them and filled up on gas
    • Let them sleep in and serve breakfast in bed
    • Clean up something they usually do
    • Ask if you can stop at the store for them on your way home (for last minute dinner items)