Where to Get Regional Coupons

High Value Coupons

Have you ever been browsing through the coupon matchups for your favorite stores when you find a fantastic deal on a product you always use? It’s the perfect product to stock up on, and the price is better than right! As you’re flipping through your inserts and coupon binder, though, you make a disturbing discovery…

You don’t have the right coupon! 

*GASP* Horrors!

Chances are you’ve probably run across a regional coupon. Some companies release regional coupons in certain areas only. Other areas of the country may get a coupon with a different value, or they may not get that coupon at all. The nice thing about regional coupons is that they are often higher value coupons and you can often score some great deals with them. The bad news? if you don’t live in the right area, you don’t get the regional coupons in your Sunday newspapers.

However, that doesn’t mean that there’s no way you can get your hot little hands on regional coupons. If you know where to look, yu can snag yourself some regional coupons from other areas along with those amazing deals!

Where to Get Regional Coupons

Here are the three best places to get regional coupons…

Online Coupon Swap Groups

One great way to get regional coupons is to join a coupon swapping group. The Internet makes this so much easier, since you can connect with individuals from across the country in an instant. When you join a coupon swapping group, you will usually need to make a list of the coupons you have for trade as well as a list of coupons you’re looking for. Group members trade coupons by sending them through the mail.

Coupon swap groups are a great way to get rid of coupons you won’t use and get your hands on some coupons you will use. However, it’s not always a sure thing, especially when it comes to high value coupons and regional coupons. Most people would rather use these types of coupons themselves than swap them. But, it’s always worth a shot!

Coupon Clipping Services

Most coupon clipping services offer all sorts of newspaper insert coupons, including regional coupons. These services clip tons of coupons from weekly newspaper and charge a very small fee for each coupon you want. Some coupon clipping services allow you to buy single coupons, so you can get only the ones you need. Other coupon clipping services require you to buy packs of coupons, so you may need to buy 10 of more of the same coupon.

Some coupon clipping services, like Klip2Save, have their own websites that you can browse. Others operate through third-party online seller websites like eBay.

Coupon Printing Websites

Did you know that you can print regional coupons too? The major coupon printing websites allow you to change your zip code to different area, which also sometimes brings up different coupons that you wouldn’t normally see. Be sure to check Coupons.com, Red Plum, and Smartsource for printable regional coupons! They may not be the same coupons that you see in the newspaper inserts, but regional printables are often higher value or for products that we don’t normally see coupons for!

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