Where to Use the Electrasol Coupon

eletrasolAre you wondering where to use your $2.50 off one coupon you got in your Sunday insert?  Here are your best options:

Walgreens has it on sale this week for $3.49 but you also get $1.50 back via their rebate program when you buy one box.  Unfortunately the limit is one box.

Target has Electrasol on temporary price cut for $3.25 through 1/19.  I noticed my Target carried “bonus” boxes with five extra tabs.

If you don’t have a Target or it is out of stock, you can buy it at Walmart where it is on rollback at $3.50.

Finally, Kmart has Electrasol products on sale for $4 each through 2/2.

Those are your options at the big box stores.  The coupon expires pretty quickly so you don’t want to delay in using it.

Happy Savings!

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