Who Misses Pumpkin Spice Coffee? 44¢ K-Cup Deal!

Throughout the fall, we got so inundated with pumpkin spice everything that most people pretty much got sick of it. Some of you hard core pumpkin spice fans, though, might just be missing it a little…

If you’ve had a hankerin’* for pumpkin spice coffee, you can head over to Staples right now to quench your thirst and squash your craving! The 18 count packs of Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice Keurig K-cups is normally $11.99, but it’s been marked down to only $7.99. That’s around 44¢ per K-cup, which is a somewhat decent deal for these—especially if you can’t get pumpkin spice off your mind! And, if you’re a Staples Rewards member, you can have these shipped to your door for free. You should also be able to pick these up for free at your local store, if you prefer.

*Yeah, I just said “hankerin'”, y’all!