Why Microsoft MCSA 70–412 Exam is Important for Your IT Career

Performing a job or a task under a job will definitely need some expertise. And it is also not compulsory that all the job positions in the world need specific high qualifications. For some positions, simple knowledge or regular training sessions are sufficient. Like also said, there are certain jobs for which only people with the prescribed qualification or certifications are allowed to work.

Without the prescribed certification, it is almost impossible to get into the basic entry level jobs of that kind too. Now, what can be those jobs and their requirements be? Well, keep reading to know more.

The business entities around the world are now highly and totally depend on the Microsoft features. Specially, in the field of IT organizations, there is a high need for the people that have the various ‘Microsoft certifications’

Imagine, the nature of the jobs under this category on the basis of the demand and the various certification programs in this regard. Yes, the competition is really high but nothing to actually worry about because here we are to help you with this.

In this context, the one exam that helps the people to get into the highly reputed IT organisations is the ‘Microsoft 70-412: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services’ exam.

What is the Microsoft 70-412 exam?

The Microsoft 70-412 is a certification exam for Windows Server 2012program, wherein the people will be taught about the various Advanced window servers services. By this, the person gets proficient with all that they will be required in do under the job. This is specially a highly recommended Windows Server 2012 R2 certification program because there is unhandled demand in the IT organizations for the Microsoft qualified expert.

Definitely, it is not easy to qualify the exam without any planned approach towards the course structure. Trust this, all the hard work put in to qualify Windows Server certification comes back in the form of the salary. Let us first not talk about the figures for salary, but let is proceed with all that you need to know about Microsoft 70-412 exam.

To be the IT pro employee in the organisation, you will have to work on the three steps i.e.

  1. Microsoft Certified Solutions associate [MCSA]
  2. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert [MCSE]
  3. Microsoft certified Solutions expert: Server Infrastructure

How to get yourself ready for the exam?

Right before trying to gulp all the course structure at once, go through the exam-oriented tips and methods. This will be like a good start to go ahead with, and it is motivational too. The one tip here is that try to cope with the syllabus in a comprehensive manner.

The best way to start with the preparation is by making the best use of the exam preparation videos or the online tutorials for this purpose. In the online tutorial portals, you can also have a look at the other’s study tips and schedule planning and start adhering to them.

You can get books like the training guides, exam references, etc. from ExamSnap.com or from the store near you. The books or the study material can be bought from the official website or the authorities too. Following the official material is helpful since that material is always up to date.

Start with the theoretical part of the whole thing. This is advisable because it gets easy when it comes to the applicability of the subject on the various server aspects. For the purpose of practising, it will be good if you invest in the lab practise session over the oral practise. In this way, the evaluation process also gets easier and then can invest the same time in learning the weaker portions.

Computer expertise is one essential and crucial part of Windows Server certifications. It is hard for a person to get qualified in the certification procedure in case he/she lacks in the computer skill expertise. Having excellent theoretical knowledge alone is of no good use.

So, there is a requirement to plan accordingly. Remember in order to have the boast in the career; you will need the expertise. Make the best use of this opportunity. Because opportunities hardly come. Be quick in grabbing it and getting the best out of it.

Who can take this certification exam?

All the people that will make it high in the field of IT organisation like a pro can opt for this certification program. The best feature about this is that the person will be placed at the top levels in the organisation once cleared with Windows Server certification. Not easy, but yes, not impossible too.

Try hard by taking the model exams online. These will help you better assess your readiness for the exam. While one online exam is free, some of them are paid versions. Avail them as per your choice and capacity. And finally get the best out of the resources online.

The course structure of the Microsoft 70-412

This is not easy to get unless you adhere to the course in the prescribed manner. The person under this 70-412 exam is supposed to cover the following areas.

  1. Configure network services
  2. Implement business continuity and disaster recovery
  3. Configure access and information protection solutions
  4. Configure file and storage solutions
  5. Configure and manage high availability
  6. Configure the active directory infrastructure

These are the major areas that require the student’s concentration. There are other aspects of these that also need to be covered thoroughly.

Salary structure

After all the hard work put in by the person toward qualifying the corresponding certifications, it is time to talk about the salary structures.

  • MCSD: SharePoint application – $90,000
  • MCSA: Linux – $90,700
  • MCSA: Office 365 – $83,036
  • MCSA: Windows server – $89,952
  • MCSD: Web Applications – $98,600 etc.

These are the one salary structures under some certification programs. The salary is determined against the grade points or the scores obtained by each of the people. Thus, the scores directly impact the salary package.

I am sure; you must be quite motivated by now. After all, all the hard work is fair enough in comparison with the returns.

Good luck!