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Reimagine. Rejoice. Renew.
Let Worthy help you reward yourself

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I am lucky to be surrounded by caring, smart, savvy, bold, and confident women. Popular songs like Play On by Carrie Underwood, Fight Song by Rachel Platten, and the classic I am Woman by Helen Reddy are anthems to the strength and power that we as women have inside of us to live our passions, be our best, have fun every day. I have found my inner strength by being grateful for who and where I am today!

Because real-life happens. From engagements, to marriage, children, divorce and even widowhood, women are reinventing and being true to themselves today more than ever. That is exactly what I did. I navigated thru my change of life event, it was emotional and very hard work. But having the ability to craft and finance new opportunities for myself was essential to my well being and happiness. Reinventing me was my motivation in finding new joys and new rewards.

So, ready to renew your life? Helping to finance new rewarding opportunities can be as easy as looking thru the jewelry you have and selling a piece that is not being worn anymore – that old, no longer worn, pre-loved, not needed anymore engagement ring, or pair of diamond stud earrings, or that old diamond tennis bracelet that is not to your style any longer cause it was your moms….. sound familiar? Do you have something sitting idle? It may have been gifted to you with promises, but now it’s time to convert it to something more useful…

While a diamond is a stone that lasts forever, well you know the story, approx. 40% marriages end in divorce. I was ready to sell my diamond, but where to find a buyer, the right buyer?

I searched and found that upcycling is the responsible new way to “mine” diamonds and is reinventing diamond buying in the US. While earth-mined diamonds stress the environmental eco-system, harm indigenous peoples, local cultures and their land, supporting the upcycle diamond movement is a clean and responsible way to “mine”. And the largest “mine” is us! The US Households – now being a recently single Mom( I hate using the word divorced, sorry) I have my engagement ring that is useless to me as it is, but if I could sell my diamond, I could reward myself with something new for me, for my wellbeing(yoga classes sound grand) or for my daughter or for both of us!

Supporting this new trend of upcycle household reselling as the responsible market for diamonds, I found a new site called Worthy has created an online auction solution that hosts a community of professional, certified jewelry buyers to bid on your diamond jewelry. It was like I had my own personal marketplace bidding on my ring. During my 3-day auction the selling was competitive with multiple bids getting me a fair market price for my pre-loved diamond ring. It was better than going to my local jewelry store and ebay and craigslist are a bit too sleazy for me and I don’t know how to take good pictures and I really didn’t know the 4-C’s of my diamond ring either. Worthy did all the work for me, they got a GIA grading report, took pictures and posted for auction and I had over a dozen buyers interested in the ring. Not bad. Reselling online was easy, fast, and I felt secure. Sold my 1.6ct solitaire diamond ring, and $7569.00 was paid directly to my PayPal account, I was ready to reward me. I registered for a 12-week hatha yoga class, took my daughter on a mini shopping spree to H&M and put the rest into a rainy day fund. Happy me!


Using as the new solution allows you to reward yourself with the gift of new opportunities. Reimagine. Rejoice. Renew. Let Worthy help you sell your ring and help you finance a new you.