Winner Announcement: $100 Visa Card and Merry Madagascar Prize Pack

winnerI have two winners to announce tonight.  First congratulations to Apryl from Christian Clippers as she won the $100 Visa Gift Card from the Carnation Evaporated Milk Giveaway.  Also, congratulations to Jennifer, who won the Merry Madagascar Prize Pack.

If you are not a winner at this time I have AWESOME news for you.  As I am hereby pronouncing the next five days as Give-A-Palooza.  Starting tomorrow 11/23 I will be having a daily giveaway.  I am going to be giving away chances for you to buy toys and toys themselves.  But NEXT Monday 11/30 I am going to be giving away the hottest toy of the year.  Let’s just say I hunted these little critters down for weeks at my stores so that I could have some to giveaway to YOU!  Feel free to guess what toy I may be talking about.  But that hot giveaway won’t be for another seven days, so hold your horses.

Thank you all for reading my blog and entering my giveaways.

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