Winners of the Allegro Giveaway

Here are the winners of the Allegro Giveaway I hosted on the Common Sense with Money Facebook page.

Sam Buck krispycrackers@
Debbie Phillips Peters seymoretowns@
Erin Roesler erinroesler@
Joy Hartsock Bronson joymbron@
Linn Hawley linnhawley1@
Brenda Mellick Dafoe dafoesrus@
Cheryl Adams Crews cherylcrews@
Joan Renee Sparks kookyj85@
Mildred Medearis milron07@
Cat Murphy catscoupons21032@
Matthew Tyler Palmer darkantagony@
Carmen Flores marangely75_@
Crystel Tershner wwdiva@
Dana Torre Anolfo heartzlove@
Theresa Hurley Fuller twhorse@

I have emailed the winners. if you think you are a winner, check your email inbox or spam folder for an email with further instructions so you can claim your prize.

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