Winter Camping Tips

Have you ever gone camping in the wintertime? For years, my husband kept asking me to go camping with him in the winter time. I always looked at him like he was absolutely crazy because that just seemed awful to me. I do love a good adventure though, so I eventually gave in. I’m glad I did!

Before I took that jump to be a winter camper, I definitely did some serious research (you know, to make sure that I wouldn’t die). If you are interested in hearing some winter camping tips to make sure you have a successful trip, check them out below. 

Winter Camping Tips

Check out these tips here, and if you have any to add to the mix, comment below!

Pack Layers for Clothing

To stay warm in the outdoors, you have got to layer your clothes. Lots of socks, hats, and even gloves. Layer your tops too. I even wear leggings under my pants during these camping trips. Bringing warm clothing can make or break your camping trip. 

Invest in a Winter Worthy Tent

Your typical tent just isn’t going to cut it when you are camping in the wintertime. You need a tent that is created to withstand cold temperatures and storm situations. These are often more expensive than a typical tent, but it will make all the difference in your experience. 

Bring Hand Warmers

Have you ever used hand warmers? These are awesome for camping for several reasons. They are great for keeping in your pockets throughout the day to keep your hands warm, but they are really great for tossing in your sleeping bag to keep you warm while you sleep. 

Grab a Propane Heater

A good propane heater is a great way to keep yourself warm while at your camp during the day. These are not for inside your tent (seriously…that’s dangerous for multiple reasons), but they can make your daytimes much better. 

Add Blankets to Your Sleeping Bag.

Grab a sleeping bag liner or even bring extra blankets to put inside of your sleeping bag. It makes a world of difference in how warm you will be.