A Wise Woman Once Said

“Give a woman a coupon, feed her for the day. Teach a woman to coupon, feed her and her family for life.” Erin Libranda

When I first joined Hotcouponworld I was very intrigued by this woman who claimed she fed her family of four for $800 a year. I followed her blog on HCW almost everyday. Then when she finally started up her blog on Blogspot earlier this year, I was very excited to share the news with my readers.

But for Erin it hasn’t been enough sharing how she feeds her family on her blog, now she’s teaching people how to do the same themselves. Erin’s method of feeding her family has been so “revolutionary” that she’s being followed around by one of her local news camera crew to share with her community how she accomplishes the goal of feeding her family for less than $35 a week. On top of the she has started taking groups of people interested in learning her ways and giving them couponing classes.
View the videos yourself:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three and
Part Four

I know a lot of people find her ways controversial and she sometimes gets a lot of negative comments on her blog. By reading her blog I learned about rolling catalina promotions and how much this helps reduce your out of pocket expense. I also learned about stacking store and manufacturer coupons and how to spot and benefit from money making deals. She’s also proven to be very resourceful, bartering some of her stockpile items for fresh fruit or installing a water conservation system herself. I hope that you can respect her choices, even if you don’t share them. I believe there is more than a thing or two that we can learn from her.