Yard Work Hacks that Will Save You Time

Summer is rapidly approaching which means that many of us are busy outside beautifying our yards.  If you want your yard to look good, you have to work hard at it or hire someone else to work hard at it, am I right?  

Truth be told, there are some awesome yard work hacks that will save you a ton of time!  Check these out:

Don’t water daily.  Most backyard plants can be watered less often.  Make a schedule and plan to water your backyard plants 3 times per week.  This should be sufficient to keep them hydrated and you will save time doing it less often.

Keep your grass longer.  Still cut it, but don’t cut your grass quite as short as you may be used to.  Longer grass needs less watering and it’s not as hard on your mower.  However, cutting your grass to your mowers shortest ability helps you not have to mow as often.  This one is personal preference folks.

Use baking soda.  Baking soda isn’t just for the kitchen my friends.  Did you know that it can work well as a weedkiller?  Use a generous layer of baking soda around sidewalks and landscaping rocks as a preventative measure against grass and weeds.

Skip the rake!  That’s right!  Less work for you!  Skip raking up or bagging up your lawn clippings.  These clippings work great for helping to feed and moisturize your yard.
Have fun.  Above anything else, don’t forget that you got a yard for a reason.  To enjoy it!  Don’t get so wrapped up in your plants and fighting weeds that you forget that.  Have fun in your yard, relax in your yard!  Be sure and do these things often and you will never see the yard work as work!

What are your favorite super simple yard work tricks?

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