Zulily: 60% off Trumpette Socks

Adorableness!  Today on Zulily you can get Trumpette socks for as low as $11.99 for six pairs.  These sell regularly for $25.99 on Amazon.  If you have a baby shower coming up or need a present for an upcoming baby, this is it!  I can’t tell you how many complements these get, they are so darn cute.  Plus you know what?  They actually stay put on little babies and that is a feat right there.  My youngest two wore these and my daughter wore hers until she absolutely did not fit in them any more.  I was so sad that day 🙁

Anyway, I tell my friends (and you of course) this is the best baby shower present out there. And you can get them for cheap on Zulily today. I would not be surprised it these sell out.

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