$0.75/1 Smuckers Jelly, Jam or Spread Coupon = Better Than Free at Stop & Shop

There is a new $0.75/1 Smuckers jelly, Jam or Spread coupon available.  Use zip 90210 to find it.  It’s  great timing for this coupon as a lot of these products are on sale are part of back to school sales at grocery stores.  As a matter of fact, you can use it at Stop & Shop this week to get this deal:

Buy five Smucker’s jelly $1.99, and get $5 instant discount
Use four $0.75/1 Smuckers coupons (will need access to two computers)
Free plus $1.05 in overage

So, make sure you have something extra in your order to absorb that overage.  Find more Stop & Shop deals here.

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  • Vicky

    I’m not finding the coupons for the Smuckers. I could use them. We are on our last jar.

    • Donna

      Use zip 90210 … I found this one there : )

  • Vicky

    I used a different zip code and found them. Thanks!

  • Use zip 90210.

  • Dawn

    Beware if you are going to try this deal. The instant $5 off your order is ONLY for the 32oz Concord Grape jelly and it does NOT come off automaticlly if you use the coupons – even if you have items to absorb the overage. The front-end manager happened to be standing nearby when I asked the cashier to check that she rang in all 5 jars — I had initially thought that may have been the issue. The manager checked and figured out it was the coupons. She was nice enough to remove my 5 coupons (totalling $7.50 after doubling) and magically the $5 came off. She then took me to the service desk and did a “coupon only transaction” and handed me $7.50 in cash. In the end, it worked for me, but without a nice and patient front-end manager it could have easily gone BAD. Good luck all FYI…I am in Massachusetts.