10 Pairs of Men or Women’s Sunglasses for $15.98

Tired of your kids (or maybe yourself) breaking your expensive sunglasses?  Then maybe this deal is for you.  Graveyard Mall is offering today 10 pairs of either men or women’s sunglasses for $9.99 plus $5.99 shipping.  You do NOT know exactly what kind of sunglasses you get.  But I have read from many people that have gotten this deal that it is worth it.

I have been waiting on this deal for months!  Keri Lyn over at She Saved has been telling me about these sunglasses for quite sometime.  I just ordered some of the men’s glasses for my husband since my kids keep wrecking his sunglasses.    If you have already bought these sunglasses, make sure to let me know how you liked them (or not).

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  • Heather

    I first heard about this deal on Jen’s blog.
    She really likes these sunglasses.

  • Sierra Martin

    Thanks for posting this! I just got one of each. I found five pairs of sunglasses the last time we moved, and surprise.. I have no idea where any of them are. Plus, I dig the total nostalgia value of not knowing exactly what you are getting. I feel like a kid buying a grab bag at the fair. At least this time I know I’m getting something I can use and share.

  • Shannon

    I had a really bad experience with this company. I ordered both men & women’s in early January and called the company in the middle of February and they wouldn’t return my calls or emails. After weeks of leaving messages and emails I finally called them and received a live person. She said my order was shipped the day before. So I waited another week and never rec’d them. So I called and left a threatening message that I wanted my money back. Well I rec’d them about 5 days later (March 12th). 4 pairs of the best ones were scratched and only liked about 2 out of all of them. I tried calling them to see if they would replace them and no success so I finally gave up. Maybe you will have better luck than us!

  • Barbara

    I got both the mens and womens sunglasses and only found one pair of the womens that was acceptable. The description makes it sound like these are name brand glasses. They name dropped Nautica, Tommy Bahama and others. NONE of the glasses shipped were name brand, one even had a tag on it from KMart. Not exactly name brand. All cheap and poor quality.
    No deal there!

    When I ordered the glasses back in January, they did have a note saying they were out of stock and due to ship in the end of February, which they did… by the cheapest shipping rate and we did get them in March.

    Well, live and learn. I’m hoping someone will buy them for a dollar at our garage sale, just to get them out of the house!

  • Stephanie

    We did this deal in February. They were to be shipped on March 3rd, but we did not receive them until the end of March, so when they say slow shipping that is what they mean!! We love the sunglasses we received. We ordered the mens set and while quite a few pairs are definitely for men, I was able to take 4 of them for me! Each pair is very nice and a few are worth at least $15-20 each. Definitely a great deal for us! We had one pair of Panama Jack and another that had Dodge Hemi on them. If you are really picky about your sunglasses or style, then this isn’t for you; but we love them!

  • Sarah

    Be sure to print your receipt.  I bought batteries from Graveyard Mall last year, didn’t print my receipt & then my computer crashed.  Never received the batteries but did get charged for them.  Didn’t have any order # to contact them with, though. So, be careful.

    • kristen

      ugh i did the same battery deal…and the batteries came in a big envelope and guess what…about 90% of them were dead….niiice I bought dead batteries. I called a bunch of times to complain and they sent me out more batteries..but THEY WERE DEAD TOO!!!!! BEWARE with this company…the pawn off crap

  • Betty Neale

    I made an order for the women’s sunglasses. I feel confident with this purchase, even with the slow shipping. I still have 3 pairs of sunglasses that aren’t broken so that should be about right. LMAO.

  • Sharon

    I did this deal a couple monthes ago and just got my order on Monday (but it said when I ordered that it wouldn’t ship until a certain date (March 23, I think) so I wasn’t anxiously awaiting them. I was very pleased with what I received. Most were the StyleSense(?) brand, a few Panama Jacks and I got one of the Kathy – which is what I really wanted. I didn’t do this deal only because I wanted to see what I got from the first offer and now am sad that I missed this one as I have a teenage son that goes through a pair of sunglasses at least once a month! Please post again if you see this one come up again and thanks for all you do!

  • Betty Neale

    I received my sunglasses today! I posted above on the date I ordered, April 3rd. Today is April 17th. I am absolutely thrilled! Nice variety including a pair like Jackie-O (my daughters style). I also got an email few days ago saying they were shipped. Now I wish I had ordered the men’s set also. Please post again when you see this deal. Thanks so much!

    • That’s great to hear Betty! I am waiting to get my husband’s. Hopefully soon!