A Full Cup Twitter Party


Don’t forget to join A Full Cup’s Twitter Party.  The party is tonight 4/3 at 9PM EST on Twitter (use hashtag #afullcup to follow the thread party).   You also want to make sure to follow @resourcefulmom @bargainbriana,  @mommysnacks, @JennFowler, @KatjaPresnal and @afullcup.  They will be hosting and leading the party.

What? you don’t know what Twitter is?  Is a social networking site, sort of like Facebook but about 1,000 times better (or so I think).  The door prizes for this party include five $25 American Express gift cards and reusable bags.

By the way, if you are not following me on twitter, then you probably missed this announcement I made yesterday 😉

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  • Diane Anderson

    Congratulations Mercedes!

  • Maya Andrews

    I think I get what you are saying. Wow congrats! I do not understand twitter…yet!

  • Congrats, Mercedes! We’re happy for you!

  • Kelly

    Yeah!! Congratulations!

  • Letty

    Congratulations! Three’s just three times the fun!

  • Mercedes,

    Congrats! I’m so happy for you! Enjoy being pregnant! I always complained when I was, but now that I’m not I sure miss it! Being pregnant was in all honesty, probably one of the best times of my life!:)

  • Rebecca

    woo hoo! congrats!

  • nomadicmommy


  • Congrats again! Very exciting stuff! 🙂

  • Hi everyone! Thanks for the congrats, I really appreciate them.


  • Kelly


  • Congrats Mercedes! Can’t wait to hear what you’re having!!!