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Update: If you don’t have any any amazon gift cards to use, then shop from the Children’s place website directly. According to Babycheapskate, you can save 15% with coupon code HA99. Save $20 off purchases of $80 or more with code PDA99. Both expire at the end of the month.  Don’t forget to go through ebates to get 3% cash back!

It’s been unseasonably cool here in Wisconsin in the past couple of weeks.  It’s made me have to pull out cooler climate clothes for my four year old sooner than expected.  This only made me realize that he doesn’t have enough long sleeve shirts to wear.  While I could hit a consignment store and get used shirts for $2.50 each or so, I’d rather get new shirts on sale for less than $5 and have my oldest and then his younger brother wear them.

I started my search for long sleeve shirts on The Children’s Place website.  They have selected items 40% off.  But then I remembered that I have accumulated some Amazon Gift Cards thanks to Swagbucks and would much rather buy from the Children’s Place through Amazon and lower my out of pocket expense by using these gift cards.  The prices were the same anyways.  These are the shirts I found for my son:


The Children’s Place Boys Sport Henley Shirt Sizes 4 – 14 for $4.79 each.  They have the larger sizes and in several color choices at this price too which I think it’s a good deal.


The Children’s Place Boys Graphic Thermal Shirt Sizes 4 – 14 for $5.99 each.  A bit more but it’s thermal fabric, should keep him cozy in the winter.

If you are looking for girl clothes, they also had clothes on discount for girls.  Here are two samples:


The Children’s Place Girls Layering Shirt Sizes 4 – 14 for $2.99


The Children’s Place Girls Yoga Top Shirt Sizes 4 – 14 for $4.79

If you have smaller children (6mos-4t), it seemed the prices were even better.  Just like through the Children’s Place Website the shipping fee is a flat $5 for your order.  I was just happy to be able to use some Amazon GC’s to lower my out of pocket expense and of course was also happy to shop from the comfort of my home.

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  • This is a great idea, thanks! It never occurred to me to get Children’s Place clothes from Amazon using my GCs!

  • Mary

    So THAT’S WHY my consignment shop is closing in a few weeks…LOL…everyone’s buying stuff dirt cheap thru Amazon…

    Seriously, we can’t compete with those prices and still pay the rent. How sad!

  • Laura

    Thanks for posting! I noticed your comment about weather being unseasonably cool where you live. I wonder if it’s the same throughout the states? I’ve noticed the same cooler weather here in Texas. Normally, the temperature here on Halloween is slightly warm and costumes include light long-sleeved shirts that kids want to take off halfway through the trick-or-treating. Now I’m wondering if I need to incorporate a jacket into my daughter’s costume. I’m hoping the cooler weather means we’ll actually get SNOW in Texas this year!