Box Creations Playhouse for $5

Update: I just wanted to give you an update on this deal. It looks like Gaggle of Chicks had some problems when the emails with the codes went out after your purchase. They are working hard on resending the emails and you should get it within the next 24 hours.

Today at Gaggle of Chicks you can get a Box Creations Playhouse for just $5.  Here is how:

  • You will get an instant $10 credit for free for creating a new account.
  • Grab the nationwide deal of $15 for a Box Creations playhouse (reg $39.95).  This is a voucher thatw ill let you buy one of tehse playhoses and have it shipped FREE
  • After your credit you will end up playing only $5 for this voucher.  Then you can order your playhouse and have it shipped FREE.

I think these are GREAT!  The kids can color them and make them their own.  They come in the following designs:

-Princess Carriage
-Medieval Castle
-Pirate Ship
-Country Cottage Playhouse
-Space Shuttle

Thanks Adventures in Savings!

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  • Laura

    I just tried this and I did not get a coupon code in my email…it said coupon code but then there was just a blank. Is this a reputable site or did I just give away $5?

  • Leanne

    Awesome! I’ve seen these advertised on a couple of flash sale sites but never wanted to pay the price + shipping on them!

  • Shannon

    FYI, the websites are having technical issues with this deal right now. When you buy the deal, your e-mail won’t show a coupon code. I think they are working on the problem right now and I’m assuming they’ll make it right. But you might want to wait until it’s working right – the deal says there are still 4 days left. Hope that helps!

  • Nicole

    I should have read the reviews first! I just ordered this and there was not only no coupon code in the email but the email says it doesn’t include shipping which it clearly states on the deal page that is it free.I have emailed them and no response. It seems like everyone on the site is having the same problem. Just a heads up.

  • Julissa Villa

    I didn’t receive my coupon code, it seems like everyone isn’t getting it.

  • it appears, i’m only getting a $5 credit for joining. anyone else experiencing this? $10 is still a good deal, granted 🙂

  • Lena

    Don’t order from them! Look like it might be a scam. I ordered and received the confirmation e-mail but the spot were code is supposed to be is blank!! I’ve read reviews on the website, and everyone has the same problem!! There is no option to pay with pay pal, and there is no phone to contact them. Beware!

  • Jamie

    I just tried this deal but there is no coupon code after i made my purchase? did it work for you?

    • Jamie,

      It looks like they are having problems with the emails they sent and they are working on resending the emails.


  • Vanessa

    I’m soooo upset… as I was ready to purchase my screen kept freezing. I came to find out the deal just closed!! ugghh

  • Jamie

    So I wish I would have read this before…I too didn’t recieve a coupon code… what?

    • Jaime,
      You need to contact Gaggle of chicks customer service to get your code.


  • Shannon

    I received an e-mail tonight with a coupon code and new instructions. Now we are supposed to e-mail our order directly to the company with the coupon code that they issued in this updated e-mail. I’m not sure if they will open the deal back up, but they will at least make good on the deals already purchased.