Buy One Get One Dozen Eggs Coupon is Back!


I am seriously excited to see this offer available again. Egg coupons are really hard to come by. Tomorrow 12/2 starting at 9 AM CST, America’s Egg Farmers will be offering again a coupon for free dozen eggs when you buy another one. You will need to take a pledge to eat more healthfully to have access to the coupon. This coupon will only be available to the first 10K people to take the pledge. Please note that the last time this offer was available the limit was reached very very fast and the limit was 20K people. So, you really want to ready to grab this one at 9AM CST tomorrow 12/2 if you would like to get one.

Thanks $30 Weekly Grocery Challenge!

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  • Wow! I’ve never taken advantage of this egg coupon before so it will be a first – hopefully I’ll get it in time!

  • Kristina L.

    Can you get it again if you got it last time?

    • I don’t know Kristina. but I sure hope so!


  • D

    It seems to be gone?? I wasn’t able to get a coupon????

    • D

      Sorry I see now that it starts tomorrow. :o)

  • Molly

    So does that mean if you pledged today that you don’t get the coupon?

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  • Cindy

    I did take the pledge–but didn’t get a link to the coupon. Does it come by email or did I just miss it? If so that sure was fast!

    • Hi Cindy,

      This starts at 9AM CST.


  • Nicole

    Stated that this campaign is over for me. Hopefully others have better luck

  • Kari

    I took the pledge at 9:10am…didn’t see a link to a coupon…there is no way 20K could be given out in the first 10 minutes?? Is the coupon emailed?

    • It’s 9 AM Central time. Still 10 more minutes to go.


  • Danielle

    Sweet! I got it! Thanks Mercedes!

  • theresa g

    I can do the pledge and then it error’s out when I click on submit. ANyone get through?

  • I just did the pledge and got the coupon! I wasn’t sure it would work as it didn’t say anything about the coupon until after I’d taken the pledge, but it was there. Thanks, Mercedes!

  • D

    Thanks! I was able to get a coupon!!!

  • Hilary

    I just got a coupon. Whew! But, I tried to go back and print another one and it said they were no longer available. I’m glad to have just gotten one. Great deal!

  • Kelly H

    Still available, just got one, thanks!

  • Connie

    said no longer available…

  • Donna

    I was able to get one from each of my 2 computers. I was going to buy eggs today anyway!

  • Joann

    just did it and got a coupon for my pledge


  • Caitlin

    Still printing at 3:34pm EST. WooHoo!

  • Michelle

    I just pledge. It says “Congratulations on pledging to “Eat good. Do good every day.” Thank you for being a Good Egg! ” I see no link to print the coupon. are they suppose to email it to you?

    • Michelle,

      No, there was a button available that said “print coupon” and in the “thanks for pledging” paragraph it said in return for pledging they would like to give you a coupon for free eggs.

  • Rozeann

    There was no button for a coupon!!!