Cheap Dove Skin Vitalizer at CVS


CVS has, this week and through 4/25, Dove Skinvitalizer on an unadvertised sale for $4 each.  You can use this printable coupon for $3.75 off one to get it for only $0.25!  Or you could also use the coupon for $3.50/1 from 3/15 Red plum insert. CVS tried to pull a fast one on bargain hunters.  Little did they know that we are very good at deal hunting.  Happy Savings!

Thanks Couponing 101!

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  • Tamara N

    Do you know if you need a CVS customer card to get the sale price? I’m waiting for mine to come in the mail.

    • Hi Tamara,

      You do. If this is the only thing you are buying you could borrow the store’s. or get another card right then and there. Wait for your card to get ECB items.


  • This is another good item to use towards the Unilever free ham rebate!

    • Oh Tammi,

      Thank you so much for pointing that out.


  • Hilary

    Excellent! Guess I’m running to CVS today. Thanks for sharing!

  • I read somewhere that this item was being recalled. Do you know if there is anything to that?

    • Hi mamakoala,

      I haven’t heard anything about that. Would be silly to put in on sale if that’s the case. It’s too expensive for a company to recall products. It’s cheaper to pull from shelves.


  • Toni

    I was looking for the coupon but cannot find it (boohoo) I do not go to CVS much but would have went for this 🙂

    This is a great site even if I never quite get the hang of everything.

    Have a wonderful week all~

  • Julieann

    The product had been recalled in 2006 but they corrected the issue and re-released the new version. I also got a 2.50 CRT off any Dove skin care item so I was able to go to another CVS and find more to buy. That time I had $2 in overage!

    Does anyone know where to find a comprehensive list of the Unilever items that can be used on the rebate? Their website doesn’t even list all of their items!!

  • tracyinks

    thanks to my friend diane who pointed me here this morning! I was able to get this for .50 WOOT WOOT! and I just ordered ALLYOU too!

  • You can get a $3.50 coupon for one here (since the $3.75 one is dead):

    It says it’s a coupon for a “vitalizer and refills” but when you print it the coupon just indicates that it’s $3.50 off one vitalizer product.

  • Hilary

    I just back from our CVS and snagged the last one for 27 cents!! They said they’ll be getting more on Friday, so I’ll be heading back to stock up then. And, thanks PP for the new coupon! 🙂

  • Molly

    Do we know how many we can get for the sale price per card?

  • Julieann

    There’s no limit. This isn’t an ECB deal, it’s a sale price. The manager can limit the number of sale items each person gets, but that is unlikely to happen.

  • Choyster Cash

    I picked up four of these!

    Claire at Choyster Cash

  • jody

    Oh I hope they get more in, I really like this product. Did anyone else hear they will restock Friday?

  • Molly

    So of course my CVS was out, so I asked the cashier about it and she said they are normally $4 dollars, and I said no that’s the sale price. The tag below says $12 something, then she said unless the sale is in the flier you can’t get a raincheck. Is this true? That means I am out of luck?

    • Hi Molly,

      I don’t know about that at CVS but I would think that if they were tagged they should have still been able to give you that raincheck. I would have asked for a the Am’s thoughts.