Copps/Pick N Save Double Daze Deals 5/13

The deals are looking pretty good this week.  I am excited and will definitely be shopping tomorrow evening.  Remember that coupons are doubled when your order is more than $25 after store discounts and promotions and when you use your card. You also have the option to split your order to get more than five coupons to double. I regularly do two transactions at least. I list most of the totals after doubled coupons so you can get an idea of what could be cheap or not. The final decision of what to double is yours. Please make sure to compare this list to your local ad.  Northern and Southern Wisconsin carry different ads.  If your ad looks different check out my coupon matches for last week here.

Coupon Deals

Jacks Pizza 3/$9.99
Use $1/2 printable coupon
Pay $2.33 each after doubled coupon

Lean Cuisine 5/$10
Use $1/4 coupon from 5/3 inserts
Pay $1.50 each after doubled coupon

Ball park Franks 2/$5
Use $1/1 coupon from 4/26 RP insert
Pay $1.50 each after doubled coupon

McCormick Grilling Spices 50% off, not sure of reg price of single packets
Use $0.50/1 from 5/3 insert
Hopefully FREE single packets after coupon or double coupon

Muir Glen Tomato Sauce 4/$5
Use $1/1 printable coupon
FREE after doubled coupon

Cascadian Farm cereal 4/$10
Use $1/1 printable coupon
Pay $0.50 each after doubled coupon

Yo Plus yogurt $2
Use $1/1 printable coupon
FREE after doubled coupon

Fiber one Yogurt $2
Use $1/1 printable coupon or 1/1 from 3/22 inserts
FREE after doubled coupon

Smuckers Toppings 10/$10
be in the lookout for tearpad with $1.25/2 by the ice cream section
Pay $0.75 for two after coupon

Birdseye Steamfresh selects 10/$10
Use $1/2 coupon from 4/19 SS insert
FREE after doubled coupon

Ronzoni Smart taste Pasta $0.88 (limit 6)
Use $1/2 coupon from 4/5 SS insert
FREE after doubled coupon

Macaroni &Cheese $0.68
Readers reported getting a $1 coupon off your next order when you buy 4

Kotex Pads $2.48
Use $1/1 printable coupon
Pay $0.48 after doubled coupon

Thanks to Mollie for these deals:

Kraft Bagelfuls $2.19
Use $1/1 printable coupon
Pay $0.19 after doubled coupon

McCain Potatoes or Fries $2
Use $0.75/1 from 5/10 insert
Pay $0.50 after doubled coupon

Luigi’s Italian Ice $3
Use $0.75/1 coupon from 5/10 insert
$1.50 each after doubled coupon

Wheat Thins, Triscuits, Ritz $4/11
Use $1 printable coupon
Pay $0.75 after doubled coupon

Nonni’s Biscotti $3,
Use $1/1 coupon from 5/3 insert
Pay $1 after doubled coupon

New England Coffee $4.99
Use $1/1 printable coupon
Pay $2.99 after double

Honey Graham Crackers $2.99
Use $1/1 printable coupon
Pay $0.99 after doubled coupon

Pedigree Denta Stix $2.99
Use $2.50/1 printable coupon
Pay $0.49 each after coupon (you will need to have this price matched at Walmart as Copps/PNS doesn’t accept printable coupons for a value higher than $1)

Register Promotions

Get a $5 off your next order coupon when you buy $20 in participating products

Cottonelle $6.98,
Use $1/1 coupon in sample packet found by the product at certain stores

Huggies Baby Accessories 2/$5
Use $1/1 coupon from 4/19 SS insert
Pay $0.50 each after doubled coupon

Vaseline Intensive Lotion 2/$5
Use $1/1 coupon from 4/5 RP insert
Pay $0.50 each after doubled coupon

Deal Idea
$20 buy 8 boxes of Kelloggs Cereal
+$5 other items to bring your order up to $25
-$8 when you use eight $1/1 printable coupons
-$5 when you have five of those coupons doubled
=$12 plus tax out of pocket and get a $5 coupon off your next order

Please let me know what other deals you spotted and that I missed so I can add them ASAP.

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  • There are so many deals! Can someone email me a prozac before I try going through the check out six times tomorrow? LOL!

    From my store flyer:
    Kraft Bagelfuls $2.19 use $1/1 IP
    .19 after double

    McCain Potaotes or Fries $2 use .75/1 5/10 insert
    .50 after double

    Luigi’s Italian Ice $3 use 5/10 insert .75/1
    1.50 after double (good price if you are crazy about these like I am!!)

    Wheat Thins, Triscuts, Ritz $4/11
    use $1 IP
    .75 after double

    Nonni’s Biscotti $3, use 5/3 insert $1/1
    $1 after double

    New England Coffee $4.99
    use $1/1 IP printable
    $2.99 after double…pretty hard to find decent coffee cheaper then that!

    If you were luck y enough to print a few of the Coke $1 printable last week, then 12 packs will be .50 after double Q!

    Honey Graham Crackers $2.99 use IP $1/1
    .99 after double q

    Huggies soft pack 46 wipes, $1.50, use .75/1 insert q

    Riceland Rice $2 each use insert BOGO …from a while ago, beginning of March I think

    Free Purina Kitten Chow

    Sorry this is kind of fast…now I have to go make my plan!

    Free Ken’s Salad dressing (!!! How I LOVE this coupon to get $3.29 added to my bill for FREE!)

  • There’s more…

    Old Orchard Juice Varieties on sale for $2, lots of different $1/2 q’s out, $1 each after double

    ***Has anyone found a cheap place to use the $2.50 Electrasol q yet??

  • Rachel

    Don’t forget about the B3G1 Free Mac and cheese printable that was newly out today. Not the greatest deal, but ok if it’s one of the two things your toddler eats.

    • can you share that coupon Rachel? I can’t find the link.


  • Erin

    Also, if you bring in your reusable bags they should credit you $.05 per bag.
    Thanks so much for doing this! I ready so many blogs about national chains, but never Pick-n-Save. It is usually the only store we go to because of the double coupon days.

  • Molly

    For the Kelloggs deal, as far as my store goes (Green Bay area) if you buy 10 kelloggs products you get 2 free movie tickets. I did cereal so far, but it also includes crackers, so it’s a great deal if you go to the movies! Thank you for putting this together, it makes my life so much easier!

    • Molly,

      That movie deal is still going on?


  • Molly

    Yes according to the Copps store flier, 3 weeks ago, it said it was good through 5/16. But the paper didn’t say anything about it last week, when I asked one customer service person she said it was because it wasn’t on sale (although it was 4/$11) and then another customer service desk (different store) said she had no idea, but it worked at both stores. Although now I have enough cereal to last me until 5 years from now! I am going to try it tomorrow so hopefully it still works.

  • Rachel

    Here is the Mac and Chees link!

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  • Claire

    Is this only at PNS and not Copps:”PNS doesn’t accept printable coupons for a value higher than $1″
    I used my $4 Pace coupon my last doubles run with no problem (even though it did beep), should I have NOT been allowed to use this. If so, I’ll have to take the Dentastix out of my one scneario.

    • Claire,

      This is also for Copps, it is Roundy’s official policy. If you got away with doing it once it was because your cashier did not know of this.


  • Claire

    Dollar General has a 12 pack of Electrosol for $3 or 0.50 after Q. Comes out to 4 cents a load.

  • julie

    I checked out 3 times at the same store

    first round
    2 boxes of froot loops (1.00 printable coupon)
    hfty zip bag (.55 coupon)
    huggies baby wash (1.00 coupon)
    keb cookies (.55 printable coupon)
    cttn bath ts (1.00 coupon came in mail)

    Out of pocket 14.37 saving 22.68 + $5 coupon for next order

    round 2
    Do not forget your soup coupons for .47 a can
    orville popcorn
    Smucker topping (COUPON ON THE CONTAINER!!)
    other items

    Out of pocket 19.23 saving 42.31

    last round was pizzas and milk
    out of pocket 18.93 saving 31.14

    Also be careful at the Kmart in Plymouth WI the sale Cheerios are gone and the larger box (NOT ON SALE) are being put in those spots!!

  • Lea

    Thanks to Mollie above for suggesting some interesting “filler” ideas. I hadn’t thought of using BOGO or “try this for free” coupons to get my order up to $25. All of which would decrease your out of pocket expenses. I’ve been using coupons seriously since December and have learned so much from this and a couple of other blogs about coupon strategies. Thank you Mercedes for hosting such a great site.

  • I checked out six times between 3 stores this morning. My total out of pocket was as low as $3.23, ……I mean, cheap, cheap, cheap….I spent $45 total, an average of $7.50 each time.

    Doesn’t get much better then that! Spent an additional $22 at Walmart for produce and non-sale items.

    I did notice they are making down all the items to pair with the new Kraft coupons, there are going to be some great deals coming up~

  • lora

    I don’t understand! I thought you had to spend $25 after coupons in order to use the 5 doubles.

    • Hi Lora,

      No, the $25 is after sales but before coupons.


  • Molly

    I did the 10 boxes of cereal for the movie ticket, almost didn’t get it because the cashier thought it was a advertisement. But it must be $20 after coupons (which I figured) to get the $5 on next purchase, I was off by $1. It ended up being $19, ugh. Glad to hear others were able to do it!

  • Claire

    I did 5 transactions tonight at the same store and spent 36.22, saved 94.37 in coupons alone! I can vouch for the Mac n Cheese $1 OYNO printing when you buy 4 (using the b3g1f q of course), and the two free movie tickets when you buy the cereal – got that too. With sale prices and coupons I saved $174.96 or over 82% !!!!
    I think Copps is my new H.E.A.V.E.N.

    FYI McCormick Grill Seasonings ere .65 at my Copps. There was a TON of McCormic seasonings 50% off too, which made my $1 and 0.75 qs very useful. I must have missed this in the ad, it was a great find.

  • Claire

    So, after a little receipt review I’ve come to the following conclusions (keep in mind this is only my 2nd Copps double Wed ever). You can get overage on items if the regular price is more than a doubled coupon. For example Muri Glen products were 1.25 on sale last night, but my $1 coupon doubled to $2 – so regular price must be over $2. My Kraft BBQ was $1.69 regular price – so the coupon only doubled to $1.69.
    I’m thinking the coupon looks at the regular price and not the Copps coupons so doulbes to regular, not sale price (which is how my card takes it down to sale price – looks like a Copps coupon, but I’m just using my loyalty card).
    Is my thinking correct?
    If so, I’ll have to keep that in mind to save a few more pennies next time and to make sure all my $1 coupons really do full doubling.

    • Yes Claire, I have noticed the same: coupons doubling up to the reg price of the item not the sale price.


  • *****Mercedes Here*****

    I have edited this comment because the policy clearly states that it is $25 after sales and discounts. Going against this is going against the intentions of Roundy’s. If you haven’t realized yet this is very generous promotion that Roundy’s doesn’t have any obligation to keep, and has in fact already discontinued once. $5 off a $25 order is basically 20% discount you get to enjoy weekly. If Roundy’s realizes that customers are abusing this promotion they may very well cancel it and then we won’t have any more great deals at all.

    So please, I urge to follow the store instructions regarding this promotion.

  • Also Claire, my store has stopped giving overage. Free is fine, but no more extras!

  • Keri

    Does everyone do multiple transactions at the same store? Does anyone give you a hard time if you do this?

  • Claire

    I was a bit nervous about this last night, but after my 3rd time with the same cashier she told me that I could do multiple transactions at the same time if I wanted. I told her I had lists and would like to keep them separate, unless that was annoying to her. She said either way was just fine – people do it both ways.
    I did 5 trips total and 4 with the same cashier. I had planned on only doing 4 transactions, but during the last transaction the catalina printed another OYNO coupon and I wanted to make sure I used it before it expired, so I did a 5th.

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