CVS: Free Lumene Vitamin C Lotion

The CVS coupon machine is being super generous this week!  Here is another coupon that MANY CVS shoppers are reporting as getting from the coupon scanner: $7/1 Lumene Vitamin C product.  This week these products are on sale buy one get one half off.  Here is how to get the small containers of lotion free:

Buy two Lumene Vitamin C Lotions (One at $4.29 and the other half off or $2.15)
Use $7/1 Lumene Vitamin C product coupon from the scanner
TWO free after coupons!

Thanks Drugstore Divas!

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  • K4st

    My cvs card gave me $3 off Dove milk or dark chocolate. These are on sale for $2.99!

    • Barbara A

      I got the $3 off Dove from the scanner machine but it is for the 24 oz size . The smaller size is on sale for $2.99.

  • robin

    How did you use a $7/1 coupon on an item that is only $4.29? I don’t see the cashiers at my CVS going for this one. They don’t let anything slide. Even if they use it off of both items it’s still only $6.44 in products. Is it just my store that disallows deals like this?

    • They should allow you to use that coupon. There is no reason not to. (I allow it as a cashier working at CVS.) The system will prompt for a manual adjust if the coupon face value is more than the product being purchased. Example: Just the other week Reach Floss was on sale for $.99 and people would use a $1/1 Q. The register prompts saying that only $.99 can be claimed and would we like to adjust the coupon. (Although in this case it will take off the full $7 because it is a CVS coupon as long as there is something else in the purchase to cover the overage.) It is no different then adjusting extra bucks if the extra bucks are greater than the current purchase total excluding sales tax.

      I would call corporate if it’s a problem.

  • Rash

    Can some one tell me what coupon scanner is & where is it located in CVS?

    • The coupon center should be at the front of your store and visible from the entrance way. (That’s how it’s suppose to work, but a few older stores may have it else where.) Some stores (haven’t been in any personally with these, but we are suppose to have them!) may have ‘footprints’ the floor that lead from the door to the coupon center. Most have been updated to have a yellow lit box with red lettering on it. The rest of the machine is red. This is also known as the ‘price checker’ as it will tell you the price of something and sales details. (But not extra bucks, go figure.)

      If you are still having trouble finding this machine just ask your cashier where in the store it’s located. If they have no clue what your talking about show them this week’s ad flier. To my knowledge all cashiers should be educated about this machine.

  • tania

    I got a coupon for $2.00 off 1 XTRA DETEGENT and they are priced at 2/$4.00 this week…SO FREE DETERGENT