CVS: Huggies Diapers Clearance

Heads up on these Huggies megapacks on clearance 50% off. Use the $3/1 coupon available on and the $4/20 coupon I blogged about earlier this week to get cheap diapers. My store had megapacks size 3,4,5 and 6. Have you found these too?

Edited to say thanks to my friend Kelly at Faithful Provisions who encouraged me to hit my store to check on these.  These had been 25% off at my store for the last two weeks and I am glad she let me know they finally hit 50%.

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  • Kelli

    I didn’t notice these at my store, but there were pampers wipes on clearance for $3.99…not bad! (normally 7.99 for the pack of 216). I plan to work them into the pampers deal this week!

  • Heidi

    I haven’t noticed, but will go check it out tonight or tomorrow. On Christmas Eve I scored when I found the big packages (not box, the biggest bag) 90% off! Even without coupons there were $1.76 for 50+ diapers! You know I wiped the shelf clean 🙂

  • I saw these at one CVS, so I went to my CVS and they weren’t marked down. One of my cashiers asked if I needed anything, so I told her that another CVS had them marked down. She scanned them and they were indeed 50% off. Noone, not even the manager, knew that they had been marked down, so it pays to ask!

  • I got some as well! One store had them marked at 25% but I checked the price at the in-store scanner. And sure enough, they were 50% off!

    So even if they don’t say 50%, check!

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  • Maria

    In my CVS, sizes 4 & up get 25% off. Just to check, I price-scanned size 4 and it costs $13+.

  • Meghan

    I am about to run up there. Just curious in order to get $4 off $20, is that before or after the use of other coupons.

    • Jennette

      Give them the $4 off $20 first, then your other coupons:)

  • krista

    they only had size 5 at my store and my daughter is in size 3 but i bought them anyways, we stock up on all future sizes when theres a good sale and have extra space.. johnson and johnson soap buddies are on clearance for .69 cents and i had a dollar off coupon so they were free.. and i bought out the pampers 3.99 wipes as well.. one pack of diapers, 2 johnson bars, 3 packs of wipes, 13 dollars! not bad!

  • levy

    Got 3 packs of diapers for $13.91 today it was a very good deal.

  • Lanette

    At 3 of the 4 stores near me, these Huggies Mega packs are on 50% clearance (the other 1 was still at 25%). Also several types of J&J Baby and Aveeno Baby items are on 25% or 50% clearance. With $1 IP’s and $1 MQs, there are some great baby deals right now!

  • yep, be sure to check the scanner – mine didn’t have anything posted but size 3 were 50% off. Size 5 was only 25% off.

  • Jennifer

    Score! They were marked 50% at one store and only 25% at the other. I spoke the manager and he marked them down to 50%. Cleared off the shelves only buying 3 packs at each store. Very low stock left. Thanks!

  • Danielle

    Our CVSes (I went to 2) only had sizes 3 and 6 for 50% off. Size 5 was 25% off, and I just bought them anyway. Still, kindof a bummer.

  • S. Wade

    My store (Basswood & Beach in Fort Worth) had the size 4s on clearance for 25% (still $13 per package). Sizes 5 and 6 were 50% off and were marked at $8.99, though the size 5s were gone and they were down to two packages of size 6s. Did notice some Pampers newborn diapers had been on clearance for $3.50, but were gone (just an empty slot remaining). Also, all the Pampers wipes tubs were on clearance for $3.75.

  • Yesenia

    I found CVS brand diapers mega bag for $3.29. 75% not bad at all.

  • Promises Fulfilled

    the Huggies megapacks were 75 % off today by me – may go to check some other stores…they only had one bag in my son’s size. No signs were posted, so I scanned them at the price checker…I am going to have to go back and check out the Pampers wipes! Thanks for the tips!