Daily Money Tip: Four Ways to Save Money on Gas

Gas prices have inched up a LOT lately.  Yesterday I asked you on the CSWM Facebook page how much you were paying per gallon and most of you are paying above $3/gallon with some of you paying as much as $3.85 (I weep for you!).  Unfortunately, there is nothing like coupons good on gas and for some of you walking more is not an option.  But there are other ways to save money on gas, you just have to think a little outside the box:

Use a gasoline credit card. Gas stations promote customer loyalty with discounted gas prices or fuel rebates to gasoline credit card holders. Gasoline credit cards can offer discounts as high as a 5% rebate on the entire purchase (that’s savings of 15 cents/gal or more).  Some of these cards also offer  additional rebates of 1-2% on other purchases.  Just make sure to pay off your card balance every month or any interest accrued on remaining balances may negate the savings made from using these cards.

Join a warehouse club. Warehouse clubs such as Costco, BJs, and Sam’s Club sell gas to its members for 10 cents less than the general public. If you drive a lot and put on a lot miles, I would consider doing the math to see if paying for a warehouse membership is worth it to you.

Use a grocery rewards card. A lot of grocery stores are offering Fuel rewards Program.  How this work will depend on how your grocery store has set up the program.  but in general base on items you buy or dollar amounts you spend you get discounts at the gas pump.   You also need to do some thinking on this one as well and weigh if the furl perks program is worth it to you.  If you find the store offering the program is generally overpriced, then maybe the program is not the right one for you, as you may save more by spending less on groceries elsewhere.

Use Mobile Applications  to find the best prices near you.  Download Gas Buddy, Local Gas Prices or Cheap Gas on your Smartphone to help you find the cheapest gas prices near you while you are on the road.  These are all FREE iPhone applications currently available.  If you are home you can use Gasbuddy.com.  I also recommend using some common sense and consider how much more you have to drive to get cheaper gas.

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