Free Beggin’ Strips at Walmart


Get free 6 Oz bags of Purina Beggin’ Strips when you follow these steps:

  • Sign up to get a FREE Pet Insurance Quote from PurinaCare.
  • Use Offer Code b3kca in the registration form.
  • Check email from PurinaCare with link to $3 off any Purina Product internet printable coupon.

I found the 6 oz bags of Beggin’ Strips for $2.76 at my local Walmart.  I used two of these coupons to get two free bags!  There was also a buy one get one coupon in the 1/11 coupon inserts combine the coupons to get extra bags.

Here’s a funny: My dogs have been getting cat treats because I got a few bags for free with coupons last year.  Now they can go back to dog treats, lol!


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  • Jennifer

    Do you have a link for where to get a quote? I would love these coupons.


    • I am sorry Jennifer!
      I forgot a very important part of the post. I have fixed the link know.


  • Jennifer

    Thank you! Unfortunately there is no coverage in my state anyway so I don’t get the coupons. Maybe my dog will like cat treats too though! LOL!

  • Thank you Mercedes for the code! I tried doing it earlier from another blog but never got my coupon. 🙂 My little pups (or should I say monsters) will be SO happy! Thanks again!!!

  • Dana

    Unfortunately, my Walmart won’t take internet printed coupons anymore. I know that this is against their own corporate policy, but since I save a lot more money elsewhere, I rarely go there anymore, so I haven’t felt like fighting that battle.

  • Thanks for this great opportunity. You could also combine this with the b1/g1 coupon from a few weeks ago to score two more bags!

  • Jess

    I took advantage of this yesterday with the BOGO coupons. I only had one on hand but found another on the shelf. Walmart paid me to take home four bags. Happy dog!

  • I finally cleared the shelf at the nearest Walmart of the left over holiday packages of Beggin Strips. I think it took me 3 or 4 trips over 2 1/2 weeks or so. They were just sitting there on the shelf with no prices and I kept going back every time I rounded up more coupons to see if there were any more left. I grabbed the last remaining packages the last time I was at Walmart and I’m sure they were not devastated to see them go. These are 15oz packages and were reduced to $1.50 but on my most recent trip they were $1.75. These printables will work great on these if you can find some left over. Also there are $3/3 and $1.50/2 Purina Dog Snacks from the 11/16 SS. This deal was especially “sweet” for me last fall I found some bug 2 Purina dog treats and get a free bag of nestle candies. Very awkward combo for a coupon but I was able to get some V-day goodies for my DS’s class with them!

    In case you are wondering what the 15oz bags look like you can see a photo of them here in a post reviewing my purchases that evening at Walmart:

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  • Ugh! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I tried to enter the code, but it wouldn’t allow all the digits. Any ideas?

  • Britt

    YAY! Thanks so much!

    Robin – Try cutting and pasting the code? Also, make sure there are no spaces before the code…good luck!

  • Lisa N

    I found these also at Target today for 2.49 per bag for 6 oz.
    They all had 1/1 peelies on them. I bought 6 bags and it looked like this:

    6 x 2.49 = 14.94
    6 1/1 peelies = 8.94
    3 BIGI manufacturer Q’s = 1.47 for 6 bags of Beggin Strips!!!
    That is .24 per bag!

  • Cheryl

    How can I get more than one coupon? The site only lets you print 1.

  • Tracy

    The coupon prints out with a note saying that there is a limit of one per individual, household, or e-mail address–even though I could print more

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