Free Bottle of Excedrin (New Offer)

There is a new link available for the free bottle of Excedrin coupon offerJust click here and then select “Health Care” on the left side.  You will actually find two free offers available: one for Extra Strength and one for Migraines.  You will also see an offer for $3.50 Excedrin PM.  All of these coupons will come in the mail.

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  • Melody

    Great coupon but not working right now. Keep checking back it says.

    • Hi Melody,

      I just did it and it went through.


      • elisabeth

        I just did it too like 10 seconds ago. Maybe try another browser? Good luck
        & Thanks Mercedes!

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  • Amy

    Many thanks!

  • Amber

    Yay!!! Thank you so much. You can also get a free bottle of Excedrin Migraine, which is the same ingredients!! So, two free bottles!!!! Yay!! 🙂

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  • sarah

    “sorry, check back later” could they be all gone?

    • Melody

      Try a different browser! Mine did not work on Safari but Google Chrome worked! Yay! Thanks.

  • Julie G.

    Totally got some–and I’m thrilled! Thanks for the 4-1-1!

  • Sadie

    I couldn’t get it to work off of the website, so I went directly to the excedrin website, and they have the coupon for excedrin pm…for $3.50 off. Better than nothing! I will keep trying the, as I would love some excedrin migraine!

  • Rochelle in SD

    This worked for me – thanks. I got the $3.50 off coupon yesterday also.

  • Christina

    It’s saying “limit reached” after I input my address info and submit.