Free Gillette Face and Bodywash at Target and Walmart


Target carries 8.4 oz bottles of Gillette Face and Body wash for $2 each.  You can find them towards the end of the shampoo aisle.  Use your coupon for $2 off one from 3/1 P&G insert and get them free. This should be a pretty beepless freebie as the coupon exactly matches the value of the product.  If you are visiting Target you may want to stop by Saving with Shellie and find out how you can get Free Renuzit Odor Neutralizer too.

You can find this same size Face and Bodywash product at Walmart.  So, if you don’t have a Target, maybe you can get lucky at Walmart.

  • Mollie

    RUN, do not walk to get this deal! I just called Target because I have 30 extra of these coupons, and the manager told me that this was a special size promotion and is discontinued. I was hoping to order 30 of them to take to a shelter. He said there were seven bottles left total.

    Local Walmart has none.

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  • The Freebie Blogger


    Just wanted you to know that I linked to this post. I tried to do this deal a while back. I missed the coupon this time so thanks for the reminder.


  • Gina

    My Target had these on a endcap/special rack. The body wash also comes in a Shampoo/Body Wash formula, I used the $2 off Shampoo Q for those and they seemed to work just fine. (I am not sure whether those coupons would have worked for the regular Face/Body Wash.)

  • Jessica

    I was able to find several at Target and Walmart here had none of this size.

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  • Leanne

    This is an awesome deal, where do I find the coupon? Is it only in the booklet you get from P&G?