Free Nature Made Vitamins at Walgreens

Sorry guys!  Coupon is gone now!  Hopefully it will come back.

Great news!  Remember the $5/1 Nature Made Vitamins coupon I just shared with you?  Use zip code 93035 and sort by Healthcare to find it faster.  Walgreens has these Vitamins on sale buy one get one free right now.  On top of that there is also a Walgreens store coupon in the January coupon booklet (available in store) good on these vitamins that makes for a screaming deal on the following  typed of vitamins:

Buy two Vitamin C 100ct 2/$10.99
Use two $5/1 Nature Made Vitamins coupon
Use $2/1 Nature Made Vitamin C Walgreens IVC  (one coupon will take off $4)
Free plus up to $3.01 in overage after coupons (so make sure to grab something extra to absorb this overage)

Buy two Vitamin C Chewable 60ct 2/$8.49
Use two tw$5/1 Nature Made Vitamins coupon
Use $2/1 Nature Made Vitamin C Walgreens IVC (one coupon will take off $4)
Free plus up to $5.51 in overage (so make sure to grab something extra to absorb this overage)

Buy two Calcium Tablets with Vitamin D & Magnesium 100ct 2/$10.49
Use two $5/1 Nature Made Vitamins coupon
Pay $0.49 for two after coupons

Thanks Wild for Wags!

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  • Pam

    Has it already reached its limit? I tried printing it twice, and I did not get it. It is not in my “Print Limit” reached section either.

    • Chrissy

      Was anyone able to print a copy? If so could you e-mail me a copy? My e-mail address is


      • commoncents

        I don’t know if you don’t know this, but you can’t copy coupons. It’s illegal & punishable by law. It’s like copying money. I also see your comment below about people printing multiple. You can only print 2 per computer. Most people only have one computer, but some people do have access to more than one where they are able to print more. Most of the time these high value coupons go so fast because the news of them is so widespread (internet). I didn’t get to print any either. You win some, you lose some I guess. HTH!!! Happy couponing to you!!!

    • Diana

      Making copies of coupons is l not legal 🙂 That is why stores are not taking internet coupons. If you know somebody who is, please tell them to stop so that we can continue to use these.

  • Melanie

    The Walgreens coupon book says they are manufacturers coupons not WG coupons & not available with any other offer so then you are limited to 1 coupon per purchase, right? You shouldn’t be able to stack these coupons from my understanding.

    By the way, I went to Walgreens yesterday to buy the Nature Valley granola bars & learned something interesting…I bought 3 boxes using 3-50cents coupons per box & then tried to redeem by RR & they wouldn’t let me. The RR says that the # of coupons including RR’s can’t exceed the number of items purchased which I had never encountered before.

    • Chrissy

      If you have 5 coupons (including the RR), you have to have 5 items in your cart. A lot of times I will throw a cheap pack of gum in to make up the difference.

    • Stephanie

      You are correct Melanie: The coupons in the monthly booklets at Walgreens are indeed manufacturer coupons. Combining them with other manufacturer coupons is also a misuse of coupons. Just because you can ‘make it work’ at the register doesn’t mean it is ok! Thank you for bringing this up 🙂

      Also, Register Rewards are manufacturer coupons, so you need an item for each RR to attach to.

      • julie

        They aren’t manufacturer coupons. Check out the bar codes on them. The cashiers can scan those bar codes, but they can also just enter in the last four (usually four) numbers. You can compare them to regular manufacturer coupons and then to the store coupons Wags publishes in their Sunday circulars. The cashiers at the Wags I usually go to don’t even make me cut the coupons out.

        Also, Wags official coupon policy is pretty clear on the issue: You can combine the booklet coupons, also called IVCs, with manufacturer coupons. I am against all kinds of coupon fraud, but this isn’t a case of people “making it work.” It’s the official store policy.

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  • donna

    i couldnt even find the coupon. it was not there at all…..and i used the zip code and healtcare then just went through the whole thing… for those printing them numerous times that adds up to the total they give out and stops others from even getting one coupon…..why not just make a copy of ONE coupon that you have recieved………..i am just speaking for the sake of fairnness…….not greed…….i would like to just get one when they are limiting how many they put out…….kindness and neighborly love is a nice thing but apparently a thing of the past

    • Tracey

      Well I don’t think you can make a copy of one. Each has a unique code. It would be coupon fraud to copy it. But I also tried to find it and it looks like it is gone.

  • pennyscents

    I just see a $1.00 off coupon right now.

  • out of prints!

  • Mylia

    Are you dumb or what? It’s against the law to “copy” coupons, shame on you. Sometimes, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.

  • sherry

    I was able to get my (2) $5.00 off and did the deal just like you suggested. I did have other things to absorb the overage. Great Deal

    • HersheyGuy

      How’d you pull that off Sherry? I”ve been trying to find it since 7 pm (EST) and it’s just not there. I am using the right zipcode! I even tried a couple different browsers! I’m really beginning to lose faith in This kind of stuff happens way too often!!!!

      • Sherry

        I was online as soon as the coupon went live and printed it using the listed zip code. I am think it was around 6p (est).

  • no coupon

    here is no coupon for the nature made…