Free Personalized Mouse Pad at Rite Aid

This month watch one of Rite Aid’s Video Value’s videos and you will be able to print a coupon for a free personalized mouse pad ($12.99 value).  How cool is that?  Just watch the “Fujifilm” video and the free mouse pad coupon will come available at the end. You will be able to use this coupon in-store or online.  The coupon doesn’t expire until 6/30 so it can be a great last minute freebie present for mom, or one for dad.

Thanks Coupon High!

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  • jess

    Does the coupon go into your “rewards” tab? I just see a coupon for 17.99…not 12.99? THANKS?

    • Hi Jess,

      Yes it goes in your rewards tab. The value for the video is $17.99 because there are two offers available: the $12.99 for the mousepad and a $5 coupon for Halle berry fragrance.


  • qudz104

    they mustve removed it. i dont see it anymore

  • Mariah Washington

    works for me I just watched the video and printed it…

  • Cindy

    Worked for me, too. I’m getting ready to make my FREE mousepad!! YAY!!

  • Miriam

    I couldn’t get the coupon code to work online so I called them and they said that you have to take the coupon to the store and present the coupon when you pick up the mouse pad.

  • Gail

    Worked for me too…can’t wait to use it! Look for the video under special offers.