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How about saving some money on printing costs?  this week you can get a FREE ink refill at Walgreens.  Now you can get FREE paper at Staples.  Staples is phasing out the packaging in some of the paper reams they sell.  They have the paper reams like the one pictured above on sale for $6.99 each.  On top of that they are offering a $5.99 rebate back via mail per ream.  To find out all of the details about this rebate, go here and enter SKU 554638. The best part is that there’s no limit on the number of rebates you can submit!  So how do you get it for free?  Well, you will need to find a Staples $/$$ coupon or use this Office Depot Coupon (Staples accepts competitors coupons).

Check out this scenario put together by Jenny from Southern Savers:

**Deal Idea**
Buy 8 reams at $6.99 ea
Use: $10 off $50 coupon
Pay $45.92 plus Tax out of pocket
and get back $47.92 in rebates!!

Don’t forget to use your staples rewards card when you check out and you will get $4.50 in Staples rewards to use at a later date.  How sweet is this deal?  thanks Jenny!

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