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How about saving some money on printing costs?  this week you can get a FREE ink refill at Walgreens.  Now you can get FREE paper at Staples.  Staples is phasing out the packaging in some of the paper reams they sell.  They have the paper reams like the one pictured above on sale for $6.99 each.  On top of that they are offering a $5.99 rebate back via mail per ream.  To find out all of the details about this rebate, go here and enter SKU 554638. The best part is that there’s no limit on the number of rebates you can submit!  So how do you get it for free?  Well, you will need to find a Staples $/$$ coupon or use this Office Depot Coupon (Staples accepts competitors coupons).

Check out this scenario put together by Jenny from Southern Savers:

**Deal Idea**
Buy 8 reams at $6.99 ea
Use: $10 off $50 coupon
Pay $45.92 plus Tax out of pocket
and get back $47.92 in rebates!!

Don’t forget to use your staples rewards card when you check out and you will get $4.50 in Staples rewards to use at a later date.  How sweet is this deal?  thanks Jenny!

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  • We don’t have a Staples nearby…is there any way we could order the paper through the internet or phone?

  • bummer, just called staples since we don’t have one close and the purchase MUST be made in store for the rebate.

    Thanks for the info though!

  • Jenn

    Hi, I noticed that the form to turn the rebate in says you have to mail each rebate in a separate envelope…and each form covers one ream of paper. So, how can I use the $10 off $50 coupon and still have the paper on separate receipts?

  • Leslie

    Jenn-I have the same question. It seems that each of these reams of paper need to be rung up on separate transactions. Bummer….

  • Jenn and Leslie, what it actually means is that each “different kind” of rebate has to be in a different envelope. So if you are buying more than one rebate item (ie paper and pens) then they need to be separated. You can call customer service to verify this information too. You can also enter the rebates online which eliminate the envelopes all together.

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  • Krys

    I did this and it works! Just a warning though, the SKU must match, (554638) and I couldn’t find any of the shelves. I had to ask a manager for help (he was SO nice!) and he looked it up on the computer, but had difficulty finding it. When he finally did, he was surprised, because it was the copy paper that they use in their copying center and he said they usually don’t sell that. But he brought me what I wanted with no problem, and the rebate form prints right out at the end. It clearly says no limit, and I submitted it right away online when I got home! I used a $25 off $75 purchase ($1.60 cost online) bought 11 reams of paper at $6.99 each, total $76.89 – $25=$51.89 plus tax = $55.52 and will be getting $65.89 back! SWEET DEAL! I got 11 reams of paper and they PAID ME to do it! I’m going back to get more! Rebate ends May 9.

  • amy

    I ran to my Staples last night. After staring at their ream wall, I started wandering through the store and found this paper at the end of an aisle in the back of the store. I loaded up on the Deal Idea… they were a little unsure whether they would take the $10 off $50 but the manager came over and made it happen. Great tip. I love this site…

  • When I went to Staples the reams were nowhere to be found; so I asked a manager to look up the skew number. He found them stashed away up high.

    I was not able to use the 10/50 coupon though because the manager said it was the exact same coupon number as a lady had used yesterday (a detail I do not doubt seeing as the coupon is a pdf)

    At around $1 a ream, I thought it was still a good deal and went ahead with it.

  • Betty

    I couldn’t find the paper when I got to the store, however they looked it up and it was on the truck which had just gotten there! They wouldn’t take my $10/$50 either but I am ecstatic about $1 a ream. I got a case of it. Awesome find.

  • Jenna

    Our Staples states they do not combine offers. Therefore the sale is the sale no coupon with it and no rebate and the manager states they never do rebates for more than you paid. So just be aware before you buy you may not get that rebate check your counting on.

  • Leslie

    My staples was almost out of this as they too are using it in the copy center. I used the $10/$50 and bought 8 packages so the total came to about $50 after tax because I bought one small item. It doesn’t say anywhere on the rebate form that you can’t combine a rebate and a coupon. I guess we’ll see what happens. I would be very disappointed if they didn’t honor the rebate. Maybe I shouldn’t open these packages until I hear back!

  • CK

    I tried to use the $10 off $50 Office Depot coupon. They told me they didnt’ accept competitors coupons. When I said, “yes you do” they got the manager who tried to input it as a manufacturers coupon but their system wouldn’t let it through w/o a certain number digit code to enter — the printable OD coupon did not have a upc code on it to scan. So he took off $9.98 b’cas I bought a pencil sharpener for $9.99 — he said that was the best he could do AND it was a “ONE TIME adjustment” and he wouldn’t do it again (whatever). I still got 8 reams of free paper! Thanks for this post!!!

  • C

    I went to 2 staples in MD and they didn’t have the paper and said they hadn’t had it in a long time 🙁

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