Free Reynolds Aluminum Foil and Other Green Freebies


There are quite a few freebies that will be available tomorrow and I want to make sure you don’t miss out on them.  So here’s your reminder:

  • Walgreens is offering a FREE reusable tote with additional purchase and when you present this coupon.  This offer is available tomorrow only, so if you were planning a trip to Walgreens you may want to wait until tomorrow.  That way you will get your reusable tote.  Thanks Wisebread!  Sorry, this offer is only available to Walgreens employees.
  • Disney Stores is offering a FREE reusable water bottle (up to $8.50 value) when you bring in THREE empty plastic water bottles to your local Disney Store.  This offer is good tomorrow 4/22 only.  Thanks Coupon Cravings!
  • Don’t forget to print your Reynold’s Foil Rebate.  This rebate will only be available tomorrow 4/22.  The form will only be available on 4/22 after 4:22 am EDT and quantities are limited.  Make sure to check their website and print your rebate as close to that time as you can.

Happy Earth Day!

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  • Julieann

    I love your site and know you are very honest and don’t promote improper coupons, but I think the Walgreens coupons shouldn’t be posted. This benefit is supposed to be for WAGS employees. They get sent a letter with several “friends and family” cards to hand out to people they want. I don’t think it was their intention for these coupons to be circulated on the internet like this.

    Even SlickDeals forums makes it seem shifty by saying “Walgreen managers are very lenient. Walgreens isnt like bestbuy or frys where sometimes you need the original copy. To be honest, the employees will just accept it. Just tell them that your friend who works at walgreens is passing along to all his friends and made copies. Totally acceptable.”

    Also “Make sure to go to the cosmetic counter when checking out since this is the same thing as employee discount. All they do is push the employee discount button and ring you up so you dont need to give them anything to scan. Just quickly show them the 15% off friends and family and put it away. They dont need to accept it.”

    To me, this would be lying and I don’t think it’s acceptable to do, regardless of what they say on the SlickDeals site.

    • Hi Julieann,

      To be honest I had not read that thread on Slickdeals. I found out about this offer on the Wisebread website which is a very respectable frugal website. Pretty huge actually. So, I didn’t know that this was just an offer open to employees. I will remove the link.


  • Julieann

    I know your website is honest, so I thought I would let you know what I had found through my search. I would love one of these bags, but I’m not willing to pretend I got the coupon from a WAGS employee. Thanks for checking into it so quickly!

  • Jess B

    I just wanted to let you know that I received the Walgreens coupon in an email (I have signed up to receive Walgreens emails thru under the “special offers by email” section). I am not an employee nor do I know any employees at Walgreens. Their email even included a link to “foward to friend” so I just wanted to make you aware of the promotion as I received it directly from Walgreens.

  • Mercedes


    Do you think youcoul forests that email to me? I am alsosubscribed with them and don’t remember seeing it . Would loves copy to share.


  • Julieann

    Great news….it is finally out for customers too! See this link directly from their site.

  • lizz

    i also received the email! guess i will be heading to walgreens after work. my cosmetic counter is hardly ever open and i’ve never seen anyone check out in the photo department who isn’t getting photos….lol

  • Anne

    Got mine Foil! @ 5:22 AM (4:22 Eastern) when released!

  • Julieann

    Thank you so much for your hard work, Mercedes…..I got my free WAGS tote and Reynold rebate today!

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