Groupon: Chinese Laundry and Yummy Tummy Deals

Well, look at that!  Groupon has a couple of interest deals available for today:

Pay $29 for $60 voucher to shop at Chinese Laundry + Free Shipping. Some very very cute shoes.

Pay $31 for Original Yummy Tummies Tank Top or Skinny Tank Top ($62 Value) shipped.

Aren’t those peep toe pumps cute?  I have been oggling a pair for a while ;-), but I got no place to wear them 🙁  oh well!

Thanks, Chief Family Officer!

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  • Kendra

    Yesss!! I love love love the shoes!

  • Betty

    Aww Mercedes! Treat yourself and make sure you tell your hubby he has to take you out on a nice date (with a coupon of course!) at least once a month so you get your moneys worth out of the pumps! 😀