Hasbro Toys Printable Coupons = Free KRE-O Transformers Construction Set and Hungry Hippos at Target

UPDATE: These coupons now state size restriction so these free deals are not valid anymore.

There are some high value Hasbro Toy printable coupons offered on the Hasbro website right now.  check out the two freebies you can get with these:

Kre-O Transformers Optimus Prime 90 piece $7.99
Use $8/1 Kre-O Transformers Optimus Prime Construction set printable coupons
Free after coupon

Hungry Hungry Hippos Travel Set $4.99
Use $5/1 Hungry Hungry Hippos game printable coupons
Free after coupon

I am so excited about the Hungry Hippos freebie.  My four year old has been asking for this game for months!

Thanks Clipping My Blessings!

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  • Kara

    In the past when I’ve tried using the $5 coupon on the travel Hungry Hippo game, the store has refused it. (I’ve tried it twice as this deal has come up before)

    • julie

      I bought several of these at walmart. Where did you try?

      • Kara

        Wal-Mart (Target never seemed to have these in stock)

  • Timaree Torres

    I was SUPER excited to see this, but the Optimus Prime Kreo set is regularly $60….. ? Is this a smaller set?

    • Timaree Torres

      Ooops,, ignore my question. I looked at it closer and yeah, looks like it’s a smaller set, not the big one.

  • Tammy

    I got both of these items tonight at my local Target. They only had one Hugry Hippos. The coupons worked fine (no beeps!). Thanks for the post!
    These will go to Toys For Tots next year!

    • Benjamin Salkin

      Can someone tell me if this is a clearance item or a regular item. I tried 3 walmarts and 5 targets with no luck. THANKS!

  • Debbie

    Whoever turned in that Hasbro coupon deal must not have given all the information…the toys she/he referred to at Target must have been on clearance and she accidentally found the appropriate ones and got them free. Plus, how can you take and get those toys at Walmart at the supposed low Target price if they aren’t advertised in the Target weekly ad? I finally found the Chuck & Friends toy to get the $8 off coupon with, but Walmart said that I got the wrong toy. So, I wasted over an hour and got my blood pressure all out of wack just because somebody got lucky on a clearance item.

  • chastidy

    I used one of the Hasbro coupons at Dollar General before Christmas on Guess Who travel and only paid $1 I think.

  • J

    I just printed the coupon and it says excludes travel version. Does Wal mart and Target except the coupon anyways?

  • jan

    This is saying I need to enable cookies before I can print. I am new to this…how do I enable cookies? Thanks in advance.

  • ashley

    Printed the hungry hippo the other day and was able to get 2 travel games free at Target now today they say no travel size. Should of printed more. Also was able to get 2 kreo for free also at Target, and the poppin park bounce n ride for 10.88 at Kmart. Got the baby alive doll at Walmart for 11.97. Going to get more kreo’s to donate next yr and some more bounce n ride’s. Makes great cheap xmas and birthday presents. Love these coupons!

  • Jennifer

    These deals do not work. The coupon for the KREO says it is only good on the 540 piece set. Also, the Hungry Hippo coupon specifically excludes the travel size. Please read the fine print on the coupons before you post these deals.

    • Jennifer,
      The coupons I printed a few days ago did not have any wording stating size requirements. Does this mean the ones you printed now have that wording?


  • Linda

    Been to 5 Targets not a one has the travel size Hungry Hippo.Niether does Walmart.They are both good at pulling items with a coupon or not reordering these items.Do not know how many times I have gone back over and over to look for items with coupon.When coupon expires they all of a sudden get those items in.

  • joy

    I got two before they changed the wording….. Thank you

  • Bargain Addicts

    The Kre-o Optimus has added wording to it now too. Says only on the 542 piece set.

  • what

    see – all of you hoarders ruined it for all of us!