Counterfeit Coupon Alert: Energizer, Coke and Riceworks


A little over a month ago I shared with you some tips and resources to help you spot fraudulent coupons.  Please take some time to read it if you didn’t read it before.  Unfortunately, probably due to the state of the economy, it seems there has been a sudden spike on fraudulent coupons going around.  Just yesterday I learned on Hotcouponworld about four other coupons that have been flagged as fraudulent.  I wanted to bring them to your attention for your information:

  • Free 12 Pack of Coke products: This coupon is  a Coke Rewards Offer that has been withdrawn.  Sad to see this as it may mean this won’t be a reward anymore.
  • Free one Kozy Shack product
  • Free RiceWorks product (offer withdrawn): This coupon was intended for only 2,000 recipients; instead over 30,000 have been submitted for redemption.  This is a perfect example of why companies should invest the time and money in using technology that prevents multiple reproductions of the coupons they issue.

See the current list of counterfeit coupons as gathered by the Coupon Information Center.  Some of the coupons included are for Reynold’s Wrap, Pampers Diapers, Velveeta, Charmin, Bounty, Colgate and more.