Hot Coupon: $1 off Philadelphia Cream Cheese

I got this coupon in my email today. It’s for $1 off any TWO Philadelphia Cream Cheese. However it is not the normal internet printable link, as it seems each link is unique and you can only use it twice. This is what you need todo to get your very own link to print: Go here and enter your email address, share with friends if you wish. You should get an email from “A Friend” with your link to print the coupon. The coupon seems to have a 15 day rolling expiration date, meaning you only have 15 days to use it after you print it.

Cream cheese is one of those things that go on sale during the holidays. I think the normal price at Walmart is around 99 cents for the 8 oz brick. Don’t quote me on it though, it’s been a while. If you know the price at Walmart or Target please share.

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  • Phoebe

    I know that all WalMart prices vary, but I know that our regular price is usually over a dollar. I want to say something like $1.30. But, I know that when they do go on sale it is usually for .99.

    Thanks for the coupon!

  • Penny G

    Thanks for sharing!

    Penny G

  • Andrea

    And I thought the $1/3 coupon I had gotten was a good deal….

    😉 Pick N Save got WAAAAAAAAAAY too much of my money last night. I’ve got a stockpile like no other, but DH wanted me to be prepared for the “Snowstorm of Death” that’s coming our way…I’m so sick of the weather guy on channel 4 – I just want to call and say, “Dude. It is going to snow. Get over it! We LIVE IN WISCONSIN!”

    Ugh. Sorry. I’m just mad that I spent so much yesterday. At least I got my $30 gift card….

  • Mercedes

    Hi ANdrea,
    I hear you. I think we have had enough! and it’s not even winter yet. We’ll see what January does to us.


  • Carrie from

    Philly cream cheese at the WalMarts in Colorado Springs is $1.18 ($1.25 @ King Soopers, our Kroger affiliate).

  • Amber Black

    thanks for the coupon! i have to buy 4 cream cheeses today for cheesecake so this is perfect!

  • Summer Dove Simmons

    it is on sale at my walmart for $1.18

  • Lisa

    Thanks for the coupon. I’m buying cream cheese for clam dip!

  • Neta

    My area Smiths (Las Vegas’ Kroger affiliate) has philadelphia for 10 for $10 this week so this is going to be an awesome deal for us!Thanks

  • CCherryPicker
  • April

    I’m jealous folks. That USED to be the price of Cream Cheese at my Wal-Mart (Southern Ohio). For the past year it’s been $1.88.

    Coupon didn’t print to my printer, perhaps the deal is off ;( at this late date. Thanks anyway!

  • ALicia

    DO i have to leave a comment in order to get the coupon, cause I clicked the $1.00 off sign at the top and a windo did not open for the coupon