*HOT* Free Beauty Bag from Target

Target is offering once again a Free Beauty Bag filled with samples.  Last time this offer was available, it also came with some Target store coupon.

Thanks, Northern Cheapskate!

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  • Mimi


  • Brandi

    Are you getting a confirmation at the end? I’m not sure mine is going through? Tried twice and it just keeps saying ‘Please Wait’? Any ideas?

    • jen

      no not actually getting a confirmation but if I go in to try again, it saysrequested for this address” so hopefully it wnet thru!

      • yenny

        @ jen, yea mine said the same thing too when I tried to requested so hopefully it got thru.

  • jen

    ok lets see if I can type this morning…no, I didn’t get a confirmation but when I tried to do the request again it said there had already been one for that address…so fingers crossed!

  • Michelle

    My sister, my mom, and I filled out the info but none of us got a confirmation. I tried to request it again, and it said one had been requested from my address. So, like the others, I hope it went through.

  • Mimi

    I think even though you don’t get a confirmation you do get through, I know I did.

    • Mimi

      if it says that your address is in the system, you did get through.

  • Delmy

    I tried to submit my order. The last step asked me a questions: five-one?
    and Im supposed to answer this….I tried writing the numbers, etc….what kind of questions is this???
    what answer am I supposed to write???
    It won’t take my order unless I answer this “question”
    please help!

    • Charity

      @Delmy, it’s just to make sure you’re not spam or something crazy. Just add the numbers, answer it, and you’re good to go.

    • Miche

      You type 4. It’s a math problem they always use to prevent auto requests.

  • Zoefluf

    Is there an app for this site?

  • debbie drury

    I went through the whole thing four times and it said try again. What is that all about?

  • Delmy

    Thank your for the help. I have tried four different times, now answering the math problem but it never goes through. It keeps telling me to wait, and then it says the session has expired.

  • Rachel

    My captcha is 1 + one?, answer 2 but not function

  • Linda Lampman Dumas

    Also went through several times…says please wait, screen turns gray and nothing happens…;0(

  • Kimberly Beason

    Rejects my request,uses to much of my time, then doesn’t Let me have coupons,or samples My suggestion is they can keep there coupons and there products!!! And I will keep my money!!

  • RJ

    Ok, when I go to Target nothing shows up but something for a pad sample! Does that mean I missed it!??? 🙁

  • Sherry

    These are all gone.