Kmart Deal: Dove Ultimate Deodorant Moneymaker

Big surprise this morning for all of us not to see Kmart super doubles advertised in the weekly Kmart circular. I hear your frustration about the lack of advertisement. At this point my only advice is to grab the phone and call your local store to confirm before heading to the store. Others are saying that coupons are doubling regardless as long as you have your Rewards Card scanned. For those of you that may get a “no, we are not doubling” from stores that were supposed to be doubling you may want to email corporate and get an written response you can bring with you to the store. Although I am sure lots of you are thinking too much hassle for five measly doubled coupons. Do what you are comfortable doing.

For those of you who have stores that are doubling coupons here is a deal. There is a catalina promotion going on at Kmart on Dove Beauty products: get a $5 catalina back when you buy $15 in Dove products. Here’s how to make this a moneymaker deal

Buy 4 Dove Ultimate Clear $3.79 each
Use $2/1 any Dove Ultimate printable coupons or
Use $1.25/1 Dove Ultimate Beauty Care Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant from 3/7 RP insert
Pay as little as just tax (if you use the $2/1 printable coupons) and get back a $5 catalina coupon

The $1.25/1 Dove coupon makes for small moneymaker deal as well.  There is also a gift card promotion on Procter&Gamble products.  The Krazy Coupon Lady has a scenario on those.  Check it out!

Happy Easter!  Just wanted to stop by and share these deals with you.  I hope you are having a nice day.

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  • Catherine

    I was *very* surprised to see that this morning’s circular contained no mention of the super doubles promotion – I wondered if perhaps it was just this area, but I guess it’s everywhere. Why wouldn’t they want to publicize such a great deal? It’s bound to increase store traffic.

    Anyway, I may still give it a go tomorrow – although I’ll feel less confident without having it in print from the current ad.

    Happy Easter, everyone!

  • grenda

    I was going to check it out until I read that they are only doubling 5 coupons. No, No, I’m not dragging 2 kids just for that. I was hoping for at least 10 coupons : ( And then if I have to write corporate or argue to use coupons its just not that worth it. I’m out this time. Now harris teeter triples? THAT WAS AWESOME!! Sign me up for that again!!!

  • Betty

    I wonder if this will work. I thought you could only double one like coupon this time… If anyone tries this please let us know!

    • It won’t work if your cashiers are sticking to the only one like coupon. At my store the ad at the register only mention that it would only double five coupons and nothing about it being different coupons.


    • Sue

      I bought 5 All laundry detergent and use 5 $2/1 and paid 55 cents.

    • Amanda

      I used two of the same coupon today no problem or questions asked, so I would say its a go. But the cashier did make sure I had only 5 coupons to double.

      • Mary Catherine

        I also used 5 of the same coupons and had no trouble~

  • Erin

    I checked the Dove deodorant in Naperville, IL this morning and the price was $4.79. So unless it was tagged wrong, the prices will vary.

    • Check for the Dove Ultimate Clear. I just saw it at my store here in Manchester, NH and it was $3.79. You can always price check too.


  • Kim

    I did it today. The Dove was $3.29 so my coupon was used like this $2.00 off then $1.29 off. I was hoping for overage as I only had 4 coupons for 5 deodorants. Oh well, the $5 catalina printed and I also “won” a free candy bar for using my rewards card. The cashier had to push some silly button like the Staples Easy Button. :+)

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  • Pam

    Does the Dove Catalina offer apply to other Dove Products? I don’t know if it would be a good deal or not but I have lots of the $2 internet printable coupons for the Shampoo or Conditioner. I was wondering if the catalina offer would work for these?

    • Yes, I saw the sign last time I was there. It included body wash, bar soap, shampoo/conditioner and deodorant.

      • Pam


  • Dave

    We signed up for the Kmart rewards but never got the card. Does anyone know if we can double coupons just using our phone number or do we need a card?

    • pennyscents

      I signed up online, and was able to print a temporary membership card.

    • Kendra

      My favorite cashier told me that the coupons will not double if the phone # is put in for the rewards card.
      The reward card has to be scanned, for the first 5 coupons to double
      make sure they scan card before first item is rang up.
      I hope you get your rewards card soon for free stuff!
      FYI-My husband got his card at the customer service counter, just needed his driver license and got his card right away. HAPPY SAVINGS!

      • Gina

        I was able to use my phone number and it doubled all mine…I was also able to sign my husband up for a card and get another 5 coupons to double…had to do two separate orders…

  • Lisa

    I got an e-mail today telling me about Super Doubles!

  • Carrie

    Got this email from corporate:
    Thank you for contacting Kmart regarding the Double Coupon Event. We
    appreciate your interest in this promotion.

    Kmart will be offering Double Coupon Events from 04/04/10 – 04/10/10.
    Please know that all of the stores in Indiana are participating except
    the following:


    Below are details regarding the Event:

    Manufacturer Coupons up to and including $2 Value
    Does not include Kmart Store Coupons D
    Does not include Kmart Pharmacy Store Coupons
    Limit 5 total coupons per customer per day.

    In-store Activation MUST BE tied to Shop Your Way to Rewards card-offer
    and is only good when the Shop Your Way Rewards card is swiped FIRST.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate your business
    and value you as a Sears Holdings customer. We certainly hope you will
    continue to make Sears Holdings your choice for quality and value.

    Elizabeth A.,
    Retail Customer Care
    Sears Holdings Corporation

  • Jackie

    A friend and I did the P&G promo buy… $25 worth of P&G get a $10 pre-paid mastercard (by mail) w/ coupons we ended up getting $25 worth of P&G for free
    heres what we did:
    My deal:
    3 pantene @ 4.49
    3-$2.00 off pantene coupons (came in the free sample box from vocalpoint)
    1 Gillette deodorant $3.99
    1 Gillette Body wash $4.00
    used buy 1 Gilette deodorant get free Gillette body wash coupon in P&G (not sure what week)
    1 Venus Disposable @ $6.00
    used $2.00 of venus coupon in the 4/4 P&G
    I ended up only using 4 coupons that double (for the P&G deal) so was able to use another coupon for something else-since limit 5 doubling coupons- I used $2.00 off dove deodorant and got that for free
    my total was $10.02
    I get a $10.00 pre-paid mastercard
    so my total was .02 for everything
    My friends was a Little different instead of buying the venus razors she bought 2 crest tooth paste @ 2 for $6 she used 2 $1.50 crest coupons (from P&G not sure which one) her total was $6.50 out the door so she had a $3.50 money maker with the $10.00 pre paid master card

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  • Rei

    I tried doing the dove deal but a 5 cat didn’t print for me…was this deal only for yesterday?

    • At my store this cat was tagged as ending on 4/12. Youcan always call the catalina company and see what happened.


  • I got an e-mail about it today so I’m assuming it’s today; I am not even sure our store was open yesterday. We were at Walgreens across the street and I don’t seem to remember seeing any cars there but I didn’t think they’d be closed. Anyway, our store hasn’t participated since October or November 2008 so I’m not going to be shocked when they aren’t doing it.

    I put a link to this on my blog, I hope you don’t mind. I am too lazy today to type up the deals from every blog so I’m just compiling a list of all of the blogs that have Kmart prices up. If anybody wants to be included jusrt stop by and leave a comment and I will add yours to my list 🙂

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  • dianna

    The tear pad I picked up at Kmart does not show Dove as part of the P&G $10 Prepaid Master Card Promo. Just an FYI.

    • Dianna,

      You are mixing two different promotions. Dove is not a P&G product. The rebate form you picked up is for buy $25 in P&g products and get $10 master card back via mail. The Dove promotion is buy $15 in Dove products and get back a $5 coupon at checkout.


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  • Jessica

    If the dove deo is $3.79 would you just need to buy 4 not 5 to get the catalina?
    3.79 * 4 = 15.16
    Just over $15 so just 4 Deo would work for the buy $15 get $5 back if they are $3.75 or over.

    • You are right Jessica! you only need four!


  • Mary

    Does anyone know if KMart sells Seventh Generation products (prices?). Hoping to make the best of their current MIR and the doulbe MQs. Thanks!

    • Amanda

      Target sells 7th Gen. Until the end of this week they are on sale for 2.99 and there is a Target printable you can combine with them. 3 of them ends up being 3 plus tax out of pocket and qualifies for the rebate.

  • Cindy

    I bought 5 Dove Ultra Clear, but the $5 Catalina coupon didn’t print. I read you recommend contacting the Catalina Company. How do I contact them?
    Thank you!