New $0.50/1 Hallmark Wrapping Paper Coupon = Better Than Free at Walgreens

You can now print a coupon for $0.50/1 Hallmark wrapping paper on the Walgreens website. This is a Walgreens store coupon that makes the register rewards offer I shared earlier even better:

Buy two Hallmark B1G1 Wrapping Paper $1.99
Use  $0.50/1 Hallmark Holiday Roll Wrap coupon (will deduct $1)
Pay $0.99 plus tax out of pocket and get back a $2 RR

This is the easiet deal to buy more than one:

Buy six Hallmark B1G1 Wrapping Paper $1.99
Use  $0.50/1 Hallmark Holiday Roll Wrap coupon (will deduct $1)
Pay $2.97 plus tax out of pocket and get back a $5 RR

I don’t think it gets any better than getting paid for buying wrapping paper.  I am making a list of all the awesome deals at Walgreens this week and headed there this afternoon.  Happy Shopping!

Thanks Wild for Wags!

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  • Maria

    Can’t use 2 coupons as it says “limit one coupon per customer per offer”… but still a good deal. 🙂

    thanks for sharing.

  • gary b

    yup. i saw that too. and my walgreens will make a stink about it if I use two.

    • Gary,
      No problems! One coupon should apply to all the items in your order. It is a store coupon and that’s how they work at the register.


      • Peggy

        The top of the coupon says manufacturer’s coupon so it won’t apply to all the items 🙁 Still a good deal…

        • Peggy,
          It may say that but it is coded as a store coupon.


          • gary b

            ok I see that now. We will see what happens! Thanks!

        • Becky

          If it were a manufacturers coupon it would have the redemption info on it and this one does not. It is a store coupon.

  • Melissa

    We must have a different ad this week in Denver, because I tried to work the wrapping paper, tissue and scissors last night…sadly, our wrapping paper is Buy 1 Get 1 50% off, not free; and the jingle cash is only buying 6 Hallmark CARDS, not just Hallmark products. The scissors didn’t generate the jingle cash either; I’m not sure if the catalina wouldn’t work since the full price wasn’t what actually got paid, or if I somehow messed up another aspect. Oh well, I hope others are having better luck than me this week!

  • Melanie

    Just got back from Wags. 6 rolls wrapping paper B1G1 free subtotal $5.97. Tried the $0.50/1 Hallmark coupon. Register beeped — cashier said it was for regular Hallmark items, not their off brand Color Works. Who knows on that one, but still got $5 Jingle Cash back. Nice deal even without the $0.50 off.

  • Julie

    Same problem as Melanie with the wrapping paper coupon at 2 different stores. One cashier forced one of the coupons through, the other took the stance of the wrapping paper just being a “division” of Hallmark.

  • Sarah B

    The coupon didn’t work for me either. I’m not going to complain about free wrapping paper though! 🙂

  • mary

    coupon did not work for me either. But I did do the 6 tissue paper deal and got the $5 RR. I did that twice. What a great deal, pay $2 for 6 tissues, get a $5 RR. I did the tissue deal twice. At my store, the tissue was on a bottom shelf at the end of the toy aisle near other Christmas wrap.

  • Lisa

    .50 coupon wouldn’t work for me either…it beeped…cashier called manager to ask because it did say brand of Hallmark, but manager said no. No biggie…still a great deal!

  • jen

    No longer printing RR. Went this morning didn’t print on T paper or wrap paper!!!!

  • Dawn

    Looks like the tissue paper $5 RR is no longer printing in the Boston area. Bought six of the white 20-count and didn’t get it.

    • Thanks Dawn for letting us know. There goes my plan for today.


  • Tristan

    There goes my plan too. Darn it. I figured I should have foudn time earlier in the week, but it just wasn’t possible. Thanks for the updates ladies!

  • Shelley

    $5 RR didn’t print for wrapping paper for me either today…unfortunately.

  • I did the wrapping paper deal twice today, but the coupon wouldn’t scan and the Jingle Cash didn’t print. The manager price-adjust the 3 wrapping papers I paid for but not the 3 “FREE” ones, so I ended up paying $.75 per roll and got no cash back. I was quite disappointed.

    I also did another transaction that was over $50 pre-coupons, but after coupons my total was $17 and I got NO Jingle Cash, when I was expecting $10. VERY frustrating!!

  • Kay Piner

    I was able to use all 6 coupons here at my store but did not get the $5.00 back because the Walgreen’s ad specifically says cards (at least here it does). Oh well still a good deal 6 rolls of paper, 2 carmex for $4.09 (I had 2.00 Jingle Cash to use plus coupons for the Carmex)