Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel is Taking Applications

Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel is basically a consumer research study. If you are accepted as a panel member, you will be sent a small hand-held scanner so you can scan everything you purchase. Once a week, you’ll send this information to Nielsen and earn points which can be redeemed for gifts.

I have never mentioned Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel, although I have seen it mentioned on other blogs.  What I am reading from comments form other users is mixed feedback. For some the program has worked really well and they have been doing it for some time. For others it has been too much work.

I wanted to let you know about this opportunity and let you make the decision on your own of whether to try this or not.  Who knows, it may work out for you and be able to earn free stuff from home.  The good news is that if you sign up for it, you can stop doing and send the scanner back at any time. If you are or have been a member of Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel please share your experience in the comments section and help others decide whether to give this a try or not.

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  • Becky

    I did the Nielsen home panel for awhile. It was VERY time consuming. If you just do coupons and have a lot of time, go for it. Otherwise, it took too much time and was a bit confusing on how to input my sale/coupon info. I save on average 70% so it was really hard to demonstrate that in the way they have the system set up. I recieved one insulated tote as a thank you gift and after looking at the amount of points I would have to accumulate to get something decent, I gave up. On average, it will probably take someone 8 months to accumulate enough points to get anything worthwhile. That’s my two cents. Hope that helps.

  • When I did this awhile ago, it took WAY too much time to be worth it, especially if you used coupons. I, too, gave up before actually earning enough points for anything. I did it for several months.

    But if you have no kids (to pull things out of bags while you are trying to scan, etc), and have unlimited time, then maybe it is for you.

  • Erika

    Ditto, I to recieved it and after i finally set up my store info (which took @ least a hour) I decided this would take more time then it was worth.

  • Tammy

    I tried it too. Half the time the scanner didnt work so you have to manually input the upc codes. I gave up after the first week. Waste of my time.

  • Heather

    I’m currently doing it and I will be sending it back in the next few days. The scanner stopped transmitting – even manually – about 4 weeks ago. I have called them and emailed them and have gotten no help. Now I’m getting nasty emails telling me I’d better transmit “or else”. I don’t need that kind of stress for VERY little payout! I didn’t find it quite as time consuming as some but it is hard to remember to enter everything.

  • Sandy

    I also did the program for close to one year. I entered each and every survey and transmitted each week. After all of that work, and it was lots of work, let me tell you, the amount of points I had accumulated was about a $ 20.00 value gift ( of something I really would not need anyway). I sent the scanner back and I am much happier when I get home from the grocery store. It was a lot of work. So, it was not fo rme.
    My 2 cents

  • I am doing Homescan. I have a yahoo reminder set up to remind me to scan once a week. If you shot at walmart or other discount places, then you have to not only scan your items but enter their prices as well. When you shop at a traditional grocery store like Kroger, tom Thumb, etc… then you don’t.

    I never enter my coupons. it takes away some of the info they need, but the biggest part of what they want is what you are buying.

    You get points for transmitting every week, EVEN if you didn’t shop. You just transmit empty. You also get points for taking their surveys, and for scanning any special promotions that they have.

    Good luck to any who try it. YMMV

  • I was doing Shoppers Hotline! They paid out cash and were great! But, they were bought out by Neilsen so I just started with them. My first disappointment is that they don’t pay cash, they pay with prizes. Most of the prizes aren’t worth the points. You need ALOT of points to get anything.
    The second thing I noticed is that they want SO much more information then Shoppers Hotline ever did!
    The third thing I noticed is that they aren’t really used friendly! The website isn’t simple and the surveys aren’t user friendly.

    I probably will not continue to do this program. It’s time consuming.

    Shoppers hotline was awesome…quick, easy and I got paid cash via credit card.


    I have been scanning with Nielsen for about 5 mths now, and have accumulated around 14,000 points. It does take some time, but with stores like Walmart and my other local grocery store, they actually print all the upc codes on their receipts, so I just sit down and input them off the receipt when i’ve got some time. I’m looking forward to getting a few more thousand pts. to get a nice gift. Some times the scanner does not work, but i just adjust the top part a little, and it fixes itself. No complaints–this is what i signed up for!!!

  • Jeff

    I scanned for a little over 18 months. Earned enough points for two $25 gifts. I looked at many items in the online gift catalog and then googled them or matched them at Amazon to see how people reviewed them. Most of the gifts I was interested in, and had enough points for, rated quite poorly. That was the main reason I quit.