One Stop Plus Orders Cancelled

Remember the One Stop Plus deal I shared on Saturday?  Well, bad news!  I have received several emails from readers stating that they have followed up on the status of their orders and they have been cancelled.

However, from what I am reading on some message boards it seems  some orders are being honored.  But those who have followed up on their canceled orders have been told that they were canceled because the code was for use at the website not  Both are sister stores which is why the code worked on your orders.

If your order was canceled, you should see any credit to your form of payment within 4-5  days and all you lost was time you invested putting those orders.  Unfortunately this sort of thing often happens when a deal becomes so popular as this one was.

To be honest, I am not sure what kind of recourse you can have in this case, aside from not patronizing the store again.  What do you think?  What other actions can be taken in this case?

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  • garyb

    Thanks for the info Mercedes. I made 3 seperate purchases that day and used the code 3 times. My first order was for 2 Clearance tshirts, that came out to $4.52. They cancelled that. But 2 other orders that came out to $14.99 and $16.99 after the coupon being applied are being sent out. They were not Clearance items. Maybe they are just cancelling the Clearance ones.

  • Lorrie

    My debit charge was just processed today. I wouldn’t think they would have charged me today it they weren’t going to honor the deal, in my case anyway.

  • JoDeen

    Most of my orders were cancelled.
    The orders that went through were 15.00 and up.

  • Kristen D.

    My order is still being processed apparently- I bought the $6.99 comforter for $1.99, so I am interested to see what happens.

  • Courtney

    None of my orders have been cancelled and I used the code several times. Companies must recognize prior to making these offers available that people will use them multiple times. I honestly think they are a great way for companies to make a bit of money on stock that’s been siting forever. We all know that suggested retail is marked up sky high. If the company can break even on its costs for these items then all is good – they make plenty of money on the other items that aren’t marked down during the year.

  • Toni

    I can’t find out any information about my order…it says its still being processed from 12/11! Ugghh…I was hoping to get this before X-mas to give a gift. I have to say, I’d be a little upset if they are just canceling these orders due to the coupon code. It shouldn’t have been applied as my discount if it wasn’t valid!! Just makes me angry!

  • Erika

    Well, hmmm…none of my orders appear to have been canceled and I used the code several times to get different things, including clearance items. Although, they appear to have shipped my stuff in two different UPS boxes, but when I go to track them I get nothing on the tracking information on UPS…so this could get interesting. Since the total for everything equaled out to 15.00 or so, I guess we’ll see if it comes and if it doesn’t I’ll worry about getting a refund later on. I will keep tabs on this, though, thanks Mercedes for pointing it out. I appreciate it!

    • Erika

      Check that. I have like four tracking numbers, but nothing has been actually shipped yet, but it says that it was processed for shipment. So, do I figure that I’m going to get the items or do I figure they’ll pull the boxes from the warehouse and cancel them? I guess we shall see if they ship in the next couple of days or so.

  • cindy nash

    I checked and mine were not cancelled says it is being processed for shipping

  • Angela

    How do we know if our order is canceled? When I looked at my order history it is under the shipped in full section, but says in process. But when I click on the order number it says it can not find the order. Im confused!! lol

  • Anna

    I just checked my order statuses using the link in the confirmation e-mails they sent after my purchases and they’re all showing as being processed for shipping. Hopefully this is true…

    Either way, it was a great deal and I appreciate you sharing it!

  • This happened to me earlier in the year with the Burt’s Bees deal at (I think that’s where it was). I know that was a popular deal as well and it really annoyed me that it happened.

  • Stephanie R

    I was excited when a previous order of mine wasn’t canceled, but the blanket quality is TERRIBLE. So…if your order was canceled, you might be better off 🙂 Seriously, I can’t give this to anyone as a gift…and it’s so cheap that I don’t even want to use it.

    • Kristen D.

      Oh noes!!! Fingers crossed it’s canceled then, I guess 😆

    • Sandra

      why didnt you write a review???? Way to watch out for us!

  • elisabeth

    Yea, both of my One Stop’s were cancelled but both the Chadwick’s are showing as “shipped”. So at least I will get those! Thanks Mercedes, it’s still a great deal!

  • Megan

    I’m amazed at how many people placed multiple orders – and at both sites! These coupon codes are typically one-time use codes and we should respect that as the company’s plan. Even if they didn’t set up their system to reject multiple orders, we should not take advantage. The orders are likely being cancelled due to the massive influx of multiple orders.

    • Cassie

      Glad that I am not the only one who feels that way.

    • Tracy

      How do you know they were one time use codes? I couldn’t find any info on the codes online. I used the codes three times thinking that their computer system would be smart enough to tell me I have already used it if it was a one time thing. It did’t so I assumed it was ok.

    • Kathy

      I placed 5 separate orders but I called and asked if I was allowed to do that. I was told, “of course it is ok”. Well, I guess placing the orders wasn’t the problem just using the code that they intended to be for Chadwick’s only,. At least that is what I was told when I did an online chat yesterday and was told that all of my orders were cancelled.

  • Jacque

    Both of mine shipped. One Stop Plus and Chadwick’s totalling $1.98 for two tops. Yay!

  • Candi K

    How strange… I just called One Stop Plus to find out if my order had been canceled. They said that my order is with Chadwicks and they couldn’t check on the order status because they are no longer affiliated with Chadwicks…

    They gave me another number to call. We’ll see where that gets me…

    • Candi K

      Called the other number (for Chadwicks) and they said the order is still on its way. However, this was after a lot of runaround to actually find the order in their system.

      BTW, both my orders were for $2.98.

  • Sandra

    What about posting on bizrate or some major store review company!?

  • Amy

    I placed 2 orders with each being a total of $1.99 each. I just received them this morning via USPS delivery. The blanket I ordered looks a lot cheaper than on the web-site, but for $1.99 I am not complaining, and the bag and socks from my other order look of better quality than the blanket.

  • Susan H

    I made several orders and have recieved emails for most that they have shipped, but when I go to check my order history, it says I have no orders in my history. Weird. I guess I will have to wait and see….

  • m

    I can’t believe people have the gall to complain about the quality of a blanket they paid less than $2 for. Seriously, you were expecting good quality? You don’t have to use it yourself; it could be folded up and used as a cat or dog ‘bed.’ If you find it to be so horrible you could give it away to Goodwill or a local homeless person.

    • carla

      gall who says that lol

  • ras

    When you fist posted this, I checked my order status at the site, and it was “processing for shipping.” But, having received no communication from the company at all by tonight, I checked back and had the message “Call customer service for status.” Of course, my order (for a $1.99 coat) was canceled.

    Frankly, I’m not bent out of shape that the order was canceled. They made a mistake and while one might argue that it would have been better customer service to honor the orders anyway, was within it’s rights to cancel. But what really frosts my cookies is the poor customer service. Not only did they fail to send me any notification at all that my order had been canceled, but when I called to find out why, I got quite a runaround. First, I was told that the order was canceled because it was a Chadwick’s code. Fine. But then the guy went on to claim that the reason I didn’t get an email informing me of the cancellation is because the coat I ordered was a Chadwick’s item, so it would have been Chadwick’s responsibility to tell me of the cancellation. Sure, that makes perfect sense — can’t honor the coupon code because it isn’t Chadwicks, but can’t tell me about it because it is Chadwick’s.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor, and he offered to sell me the coat without the coupon code discount, but with free shipping. I declined, since I”m willing to spend $2 for a jacket sight unseen, but not $7. And, to his credit, he did admit that I should have gotten an email and he did apologize. But still, the whole thing left a bad enough taste in my mouth that I will be avoiding this site in the future. Now I”m wondering how one goes about rating a business on Bizrate…

    • Anna

      This is almost exactly what happened to me and I’m glad you were able to sum it up so succinctly!