Organize Your Subscription Emails (MUST TRY!)

I believe I just found the solution to my disgustingly unorganized inbox! is a free service that you can use to help organize your inbox and all of your subscription emails. This is an awesome idea for those of us who do paid surveys online or are subscribed to several deal newsletters!

Here’s how it works…

  • Head over to and enter your email.
  • Sign into your email and give permission for the app to access your information.
  • Wait for the app to finish scanning your inbox for subscriptions.
  • Add new subscriptions in the next box. (I didn’t – I have enough already!)
  • Choose which subscriptions you want to “Rollup”.
  • Watch as your subscription emails get automatically categorized!

And that’s it! You’ll have all of your subscription emails in one place neatly organized by category and date! You can also choose to unsubscribe to some of your subscriptions with as well, which I think is a great feature! I’ve looked around a little on mine, and so far I like it.

You’ve at least got to try this! I think you might be pleasantly surprised. But, if you don’t like it, you can always stop “Rolling Up” your emails later.

Now that you can easily organize your inbox and newsletter emails, why not give some online paid surveys a shot?

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  • Stephanie S

    When I tried this service it said that I had to have a Microsoft email account which I don’t. Too bad it doesn’t work for everything, sounds like a great idea.

    • Mercedes Levy

      That’s odd… 🙁 I didn’t use a Microsoft account. I signed up with a Gmail address and it worked great.

  • Susan Pesotski

    This is a helpful service, but you should add to your description that it requires you to like it on Facebook or Twitter to unsubscribe from more than 5 subscriptions.

    • Mercedes Levy

      Thanks, Susan! I updated the post to reflect this. I didn’t realize it, as I only unsubscribed to one or two when I signed up.