Dead Now! Pottery Barn Kids: Personalized Beach Towels $9.99 and Free Shipping


Update:  The monogramming is no longer free today 12/1.

Here’s a store I love to window shop a LOT, but hardly ever (or more like only once) get to shop. But check out this really sweet deal on personalized beach towels for kids.  The following are $9.99 and the monogramming and shipping are FREE!  Here’s the list of what’s available.  If you don’t see the $9.99 price for each, use the item number to look for the item:

Shark Beach Towel Item number: 68-7943178

Fish Beach Towel  Item number: 68-7943137

Polka Dot Flower Towel Item number: 68-55-7943152

Mermaid Towel Item number: 68-7943160

Mermaid Mini Beach towel Item number: 68-7942618

The following two wraps are $12.99 each and still free shipping and monogramming:

Girls Fish Beach Wrap Item number: 68-7943681

Boys Fish Beach Wrap Item number: 68-7943665

Now, excuse me while I go put in my order.  Happy savings!

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  • Tiffany

    The shark towel is on back order until 12/21. I was going to order it for a Christmas present but I guess I wouldn’t get it in time…

  • I put in the number for the boys fish beach wrap, but the price is still $12.99 plus extra for personalizing. What am I doing wrong?

    • Yes, sorry, the wraps are $12.99. I will fix my main post.


    • PS. there’s no extra charge for personalization. when you head to check out you can see they have not charged you for it. for what is worth I just ordered three wraps and was charged zero for shipping and personalization.


  • Tiffany

    oooh, got the fish one. That one isn’t on back order.

  • jen

    I am with you Alyssa. I got the one fish wrap to say 9.99 but still 6.50 for personalizing

  • Tiffany

    Confirmed. $10.69 with tax. Thanks! My nephew will love it!

  • jen

    sorry, i spoke too soon! Also bought these for my nephews! I heart Cyber Monday.

  • Lil

    At first it looked like it was going to charge me for monogram but when I went to the checkout, the personalization and shipping were free. I went ahead and ordered the Shark ones for our twin boys. Back ordered or not….pre-labeled towels for next summer will be great to have.

  • Anne Marie

    Thanks so much for posting this! I ordered the polka dot one for our niece and the fish one for our nephew (sharks would have been my first choice, but that’s okay!). It was hard to get the sale price to show up – had to keep refreshing the screen and do a bunch of different searches, but I finally got both towels for cheap. Free shipping AND personalization! What a deal!

  • Kathleen

    Thank you for posting this!!!! These will be GREAT for Easter Baskets next year 🙂

  • WOO HOO! Christmas gift for each niece and nephew!! THANKS!!!

  • Jamie

    Great deal!! Thanks!

  • Julie

    Thanks for the post. Bought the fish one for my nepehew and the polka dot one for my niece. I’m already done Christmas shopping, so they are going to be birthday presents!

  • Anne

    Thanks so much! We’re trying to do a toy-free Christmas and these will make great gifts. I went ahead and ordered one of the shark ones and will just hope it makes it in time. Also got the polka dot and the fish. Very cute.

  • Debbie

    thanks for sharing this! what an awesome deal. i got stocked up on birthday gifts for next year. yours was the only site where i rad about this deal.

  • karinya

    What a great deal! Got the mermaid for my 1 year old who loves the beach!

  • Is there any site that gives you a percentage back for shopping at their site? If so, I haven’t found it yet.

  • Anna in IL is offering 3% back on purchases at

  • jen thorpe

    Great find. Just ordered 3 for my nieces/nephews. Thanks for sharing this awesome deal:)

  • Amyt

    Thank you! What a great deal. I got two mini mermaid towels for my girls and a fish for my godson — personalized and delivered to my door for $25!

  • Cindy

    A big thank you! 4 more gifts down & within/or under budget.

  • Kristina L.

    These are so cute I got the mini mermaid towel for my daughter. She will love it!! Thanks Mercedes

  • Veronica

    I don’t want to be a downer on this realllly cute item, but I have always been leary of putting my kids’ names on things that would be used in public. (i.e. the photo of the kids walking alone on the beach with their names showing on the towels). No problem if used around the family pool or going to swim at a friends, but I’d be careful at the beach on vacation, etc. Just a thought….

    • elisabeth

      As stated, not wanting to put such a damper on this cause it is an awesome deal. But my best friend was nearly abducted when she was a child due to barrettes in her hair with her name on them. But any good parent would use common sense as to when & where to use them.

  • Robyn

    Thanks! Great deal! I am not worried about their names as we are always with them when they are using towels and with twins it’s nice to know which towel is which even when they are the same! I ordered 8 and got a ton of gifts taken care of!

  • Queenie

    How awesome!!! Thank you SO much, I just ordered 4 for Christmas & Bdays! They’re back-ordered but I’m in no rush for them anyhow. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jen

    Some are still on sale this morning. I just bought three more!

    • Linda S.

      I tried to order one but was charged for the monogram. I called Pottery Barn for Kids and was told the monnogram was not free today.

  • TammynSC

    I just ordered 3 of the large towels that are backordered ’til 12/22 but was charged for personalization. Oh well. Still a good deal.

  • Angela W

    It so odd, I ordered two of the mini towels last night and it was only $15 total! Free shipping and personalization! Then after I placed my order it said they were unable to confirm my order at that time. So I called this morning with the order number and they said there was no record of the order. I went back today, the towels are still on sale, but personalization was 6.50 each. I guess I can’t win them all! 🙂

  • AnneMarie

    If you ordered in time for the free monogramming make sure you check your order confirmation e-mail to be sure you weren’t charged! I ordered 2 towels yesterday (Nov. 30) and it showed I got the free monogramming, but today the e-mail from PBK said they had charged me for the monogramming. I called PBK and the woman was very nice and said I was the second one to call about that problem and that she would refund me the $13.

  • Donna

    I just had the same problem. Got the email, and the price included the personalization. I called them, but my order isn’t even showing up in the system yet, so I have to call them back tomorrow. I hope they take that off because $17 is a bit more than I wanted to pay.

    • Donna

      When I finally got Customer Service, she told me that she could only refund the personalization amount as a merchandise credit, so I told her to cancel the order.

      • Hi Donna,

        That’s so weird that it happened like that for you. I have been checking my credit card account and I have not been charged extra for the monogramming. But I will keep checking until I get them.


  • Jennette

    This was a great deal but turned out to be a huge pain. The email I received charged me for the monogramming, but when I checked our bank acct online it was still for the original total with free shipping/monogramming. Then all the sudden today the charge on my acct adjusted to charge for the monogramming. I called customer service and the rep said it was either free shipping or monogramming not both. I explained when I checked out it did not charge me for either. He said well that was not the deal, so I told him I did not want the towels. He said that you could not return them which I knew about but if they aren’t going to honor their price/charges then I didn’t want them. Or they could refund me the price for the monogramming. He wasn’t willing to do either so I asked for a supervisor. I was on hold for 30 minutes and then he came back on and told me they would refund the price of the monogramming. Which is great, but what a pain. It was frustrating b/c all I was asking them to do was honor what was on my receipt!

    • I am glad you got some resolution Jenette. I did just look at my account and it still says what it should say. geez! Thanks for th heads up to keep an eye on it still.


  • Nicole A.

    I ordered two towels one for my daughter and one for my son. The boys shark one was on back order. Thought I’d give them to the kids for their Birthdays. Well, I just got an email saying the shark one is no longer available and supplies will not be refilled. I’m so bummed. Now I need/want to find something similar and as cute so they can both have personalized towels.

  • Bob

    I got the same thing Nicole — no longer available. At this point I just want what they promised (an confirmed) that they would send. If they are going to accept orders, then eventually cancel them they need to get a better handle on their inventory!!! To be honest, I typically don’t shop at Potter Barn, and after seeing these cute towels I thought I found a great store — well after this experience I’ll be taking my business elsewhere!

  • Abby

    Ughh! So frustrating! Exactly the same thing as Nicole — the one order for a girl’s towel was filled, but the two boys towels were cancelled. So now what?
    Seriously, as Bob said – these companies need to figure out how to keep track of their inventory and go through with their sales transactions.

  • Samantha

    I’m so mad. I had got the e-mail but didn’t realize untill now that the shark towel isn’t even going to be sent out. Now two of mine have towels and two don’t. That sucks!

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