PSA of the Day:

Toys* at Target on Clearance 75% off.
Run don’t walk

*A great selection of them not all. YMMv of course but several areas reposting the same find.

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  • 5151 Mommy

    Thanks for leaving me a comment! I was sooooo excited! I have added you to my list and really enjoyed your site. I plan to do some lurking here as I am not yet cured but leaving this comment is a giant leap in the right direction!

  • Elizabeth F.

    I was at Target a few weeks ago and all the toys had clearance tags. I asked hubby what the heck was going on…he said well after school starts in August they’ll start putting out all of the new Christmas toys! LOL! I love to find good deals and stash them away for the holidays!

  • Mercedes

    Well, I was there this morning and loaded up my cart. did really well, I am almost 60% done with my holiday shopping. then I went this evening with my husband and any 75% clearance was gone. I am glad I was there this morning.

    5151 mommy, welcome to the blogging addiction!

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