Restaurant Deals: Quiznos Coupons, Wendy’s and More


The restaurant deals are starting to pop up this week.  Here are a few I have found out about:

  • Join the Quiznos Q Club and get Quiznos updated and access to coupons. Click Here
    You will get a coupon for a free sandwich with drink purchase.
  • Get FREE cone of Ice Cream at your local Friendly’s on Saturday June 6th from 12 noon to 5PM.  Thanks Nicole!


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  • theresa G

    Just so everyone knows the Wendy’s Frosty’s are for the Coffee Toffee and Frosy-cino only not the regualar. Incase there are any other noncoffee likers out there I figured I’d let you know.

  • Jen

    Thanks for all the tips!

    i gave you a blog award. you can pick it up here..

  • Thanks for the link!

  • rachna

    signed up for “Q” sammie. not rec. any coupon yet.

  • rachna

    hey i am trying to print the wendys coupon. its says to install the coupon printer. well i already have installed it before, it just wont print. does anyone else have this problem.

  • daphnemomof9

    I have this problem with the bricks coupons. I’m able to print the others, but I’ve tried everything and can’t make it work, quite frustrating.