Rite Aid: Olay Regenerist Products Moneymaker

From 5/23 and 5/23 Rite Aid is offering a Single Check Rebate on Olay Regenerist products:  Buy two Olay Microsculpting Serum or Cream (1.7 oz.) for 2/$44 and get back $20 in a single check rebate. There is also a rebate offered by the manufacturer Get $20 back when you spend $50 in Olay products. To rock this deal you want to split you transactions:

Transaction #1

Buy one Olay Regenerist product $22
Use $5/20 Rite Aid Purchase VV coupon
Use $3/1 Olay Regenerist Moisturizer 5/16/2010 SS Insert (exp 6/30/2010) or $5/1 coupon in A Year Of Savings Coupon Booklet
Pay as little as $12 out of pocket

Transaction #2

Buy one Olay regenerist product $22
Buy one Olay Regenerist moisturizer $6.99

Use $5/$25 Rite Aid purchase coupon
Use two $3/1 Olay Regenerist Moisturizer 5/16/2010 SS Insert (exp 6/30/2010) or $5/1 coupon in A Year Of Savings Coupon Booklet
Pay as little as $13.99

In total you can spend as little as $25.99 out of pocker and get back $20 from the Single Check rebate offered by Rite Aid. Submit for the Rebate offered by P&G to get another $20 back. That’s a $14 moneymaker deal. Finally, don’t forget that you qualify for SCR #4 to get a book with $30 in savings. I am loving this deal this morning.  Thanks Shannon!

Moms Need to Know has your Rite Aid deals this week.

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  • Jan

    Could you please explain what SCR #4 to get a book with $30 in savings means?


  • Lisa

    I found these products in a special display in the cosmetics/skin care area (small cardboard display on a shelf with other similar displays). They were not on the shelf with the other Olay products. Hope this helps someone.

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  • kelly

    Is the $5/$25 coupon still available on Red Plum? I’m not seeing it (under my zip code or leaving it blank)! Thanks!

    • jen

      Yes, I just printed it fine. 48160

      • kelly

        Thanks Jen! Now I just have to cross my fingers & hope my RA has these in stock (I think I have the LOUSIEST RA around)!

        • kelly

          Yup…as usual, my RA only had the cream in stock! sigh…

  • jen

    what does the FM/FC mean on the Year of Savings coupon?

    • Jen,

      I think it means facial moisturizer, facial cleanser.


  • yoko

    What should I do If I want to submit both Olay $20 rebate and P&G $100 coupon book??
    I need an original receipt for both of them….
    Do I have to ask a cashier to print twice??


    • Yoko,
      I am not sure if you can get a rebate receipts at Rite Aid but ir doesn’t hurt to ask. They may only be able to give you one though.


  • Victoria

    Hello! Is this a newer olay rebate? I can’t remember if I have done this one,lol. They have so many!!!!

  • Hello-

    I think it’s important to clarify you must buy (1) cream and (1) serum. You won’t qualify if you buy 2 of the same product.



  • Nancy

    I can’t find the $5/25 coupon on Red Plum. Tried a few zip codes (48386 and 48160)and no luck. Has anyone gotten the coupon in the last couple of days (Mon, 5/24). Thanks!

  • Tyffany

    forthemommas.com said we can’t separate the transactions. Please clarify. Thank you!

  • Victoria

    When I went yesterday to 2 different RA, they didn’t even have the serum. Both had the SCR yellow tag over the cream and neither one stated it had to be 1 cream, 1 serum. It just said

    -20 SCR
    2/22 with SCR

    I bought 2 of the cream and submitted them yesterday. I’ll post again when I find out if it went through or not.

    • Victoria

      PS< I think I am going to try to go out and find a serum and buy it, just in case!

  • yoko

    I went to 3 different RITE AID today to find a SERUM and CREAM. I found a cream and purchased but couldn’t find a serum…… I guess I have to return a cream…. Because rebate stated have to buy both…Bummer…..